Is the USA a democracy?

In the “holy” Declaration of Independence, there is a reason that the word “united” is so small and the word States (in the top right of the image) was so big…. Do you know why?

As for the idea that there was a political democracy in the past which was then corrupted by fascism (or socialism, etc), that is a remarkable idea. In the 18th century in North America when (a select group of rich white men from) 13 states revolted from Great Britain and formed a 14th entity identified as the central government of the 13 >u<nited States of America, the fraction of the population that could vote was tiny. Voting involved no women, no slaves, no Native Americans, and so on. There were HUGE barriers and restrictions on who could vote and how much it cost to vote.

Fascist systems of public indoctrination train the naive to presume that whichever ideals are programmed by the indoctrination system as holy… were always (or ever) the actual foundation of policy-making for that system. However, the accuracy of propaganda may not be as important to the propagandists as the effectiveness of the propaganda in influencing the targeted populations (governing the attention, interpretations, perceptions, and hysterical reactions of the targeted populations).



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