Obama condemns Abe Lincoln for his role in 9/11

RQR wrote (sharing a link with this comment):

There are lots of conspiracy theories about 9/11. I don’t claim to know the truth. But several bits of info that I picked up in support of a conspiracy do not prove a conspiracy. The narrator presents that several jets were scrambled but the attack went ahead anyway. What I recall was lots of confusion about identifying that an attack was actually underway, and how many and which planes were part of it. And (the report doesn’t mention) that planes that were scrambled were unarmed, and there was not a policy on what to do if a situation like that happened (shoot down a passenger plane, for example).

DB replied:

It’s an interesting conversation. Truthfully, all I remember is waking up and turning on the news. I lived in Arizona at the time so most of the action had already taken place. Confusion and disbelief are the first things I remember. Anger is the second. I don’t remember having any fear. Everything I know about what happened came from the media or internet sources. I do not believe these are “truthful/reliable” sources for information. Fact of the matter is, I do not trust or believe there are ANY reliable/truthful sources of information these days.

If there are no trustworthy sources of information people are left to believe whatever they want. I believe this is the beginning of what is commonly referred to as “chaos”.

My recommendation is if the future is chaos, arm yourself with reliable weapons, and more importantly, trustworthy friends.


DB, my frustration is about like yours. There is really no way for the average person to know the truth. And all these presentations are obviously done with a preconceived conclusion in mind. So they are giving a sales pitch, not a true analysis. I’m really tired of being subjected to a such an onslaught of propaganda.


re ” …there was not a policy on what to do if a situation like that happened (shoot down a passenger plane, for example) .” If you seriously believe that there was no policy for handling “stray” hijacked passenger planes, you may have already been watching far too much propaganda Bob. (Yep… sometimes it is nice to stay away from mass media and public schools and their campaigns of hysteria promotion.)

That reminds me. There is a substance that every liver on planet produces and for decades it has been presented as a deadly poison: cholesterol.

Oops- no, that may just be some of the popular quackery publicized thousands of times a day somewhere. However, if you are presented a “compliance test,” just find out the answer that gets you a passing grade and regurgitate it on demand.

Also, you mentioned frustration and I was not exactly sure what you meant. Did you mean that you expected history books and mainstream media to be honest, diligent and unbiased? If so, that kind of expectation could lead to frustration unless you just drop the expectation (like based on actual observation).


JR, I believe that there is a rational way of looking at it and there is a sales pitch of one’s favorite ideas (or paranoias). I think it’s possible to present a rational overview of events, and avoid framing it by collecting evident in support of a preconceived (and usually sinister) conclusion. As an example, I believe it’s possible to make the case that Obama is doing about the best that can be done in a difficult set of circumstances, rather than that he is an evil destroyer of America. But you’ll find a lot more of the “evil destroyer” rationales than you will the “best efforts” ones. That’s frustrating, and causes me to be suspicious of all these negative scenarios.


A primary issue is relevance. Why do I care about an issue and how?

I cannot be frustrated about public debates about the sainthood of President Frederick Thompson of South Carolina State University. Why? Because I am not interested enough.

If I have a hysterical attachment to promoting the idea that he is making his “best effort,” then perhaps I would be frustrated by people criticizing his choice of wardrobe or whatever issue “really gets me.” Also, if I have a hysterical attachment to promoting the idea that he is an evil destroyer, then I experience antagonism toward anyone who is not enthusiastic enough in making public condemnations of him.

As for anti-government conspiracy theories making paranoid accusations about how a government would ever take an action that is not in the personal best interest of every single one of it’s constituents, I hereby condemn that idea as demonic and delusional. Case in point: the state lottery (at least in this state) is a government-regulated investment system that allows all participants to have above average results (relative to the average of all total participants).

However, in certain other states besides our holy and righteous state of Arizona, I have heard that most of the people who play the state lottery actually lose money. Rather than amass wealth through military invasions of other neighboring states and then distributing that abundance to residents of a particular state, some states allegedly conspire against their own citizens to attract a positive cash flow from their very own citizens. Disgusting, right?

My government would never do that. Fortunately, you and I are privileged (of course because of our highly meritable actions in our prior incarnations) since we do not live in an evil empire, such as South Carolina, Vermont, France, Romania, or Detroit.

As a point of logic, once someone has done some research and reached a conclusion, any later presentation about “the past” may be organized around a particular narrative / conclusion. Also, you personally are responsible for the salvation of the USA, so you should pay “your share” of the national debt and also invest 9.3 hours per week in to correcting the consciousness of people in and around the USA so that they conform with your own preconceived notions of how they should think and act (which were delivered to you and millions of others through rituals for governing human resources)


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