Empires of privilege and shaming

[In reply to the above image….] Repressed envy often leads to contempt. Clear perception requires a releasing of repressions (a welcoming of psychological “shadows”).

Modern governments are the foundation of historical extremes of inequality and privilege. Private property rights (including property lines / trespassing rules) are enforced by governments (to keep the poor away from the assets of the rich). Likewise, physical borders are also enforced by governments (to keep some people in or out… or even most people).
The primary purpose of governments could be to systematically promote inequitable redistributions of wealth. In order to further that goal (to promote compliance), they may also organize curriculums of ritual indoctrination to promote delusional idealism in the masses about the basic function of governments.
When I say governments, I mean all institutions for the governing of human resources, so that includes mainstream churches and mass media. Court systems and their military units (“cops,” etc) are essential to public compliance, but the “invisible” psychological influences can vastly increase the efficiency of the coercion programs of the military units.
Here is the formula for irrational hysterias indoctrinated in hundreds of regional branches of the global empire: “There is a specific way that life should be (and that is not the way that life is). For instance, governments should promote equality… because people should unconditionally love everyone all of the time and should not ever shame each other.”
Here is the formula for shame: “There is a specific way that people should be, but that is not the way that people are (including however you personally are).” By naively worshiping a delusional ideal of perfectionism, the masses will practice “perpetual” agonizing over how to stop being so human. You could also call this a formula for denial or repression or the formation of “shadows.”
Someone may project their biases (envy, contempt) by saying “People should not impoverish the nation by hoarding cash pathologically.” A company called Apple is famous for having a large amount of cash reserves and a low amount of total debt. Companies that “recently” filed bankruptcy for lack of “hoarding cash pathologically” include K-mart, AIG, Merrill Lynch, Enron, MCI- Worldcom, Washington Mutual, and US Air. Shame on Apple for hoarding, right? 😉

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