Chemists are still trying to “argue away physics”

  • Physicists tend to look at life as bodies of structured water that have been charged by photons, with the first “membranes” being the boundary of a particular structuring of water molecules. Physicists are interested in how biological order develops in the first place. By ignoring that issue, most biochemists have no real comprehension of physiology.By almost totally ignoring the water in a living cell, biochemists have created tremendous confusion amongst themselves. It is like trying to study how the organism of a fish works by removing it from the ocean, waiting until it dies, and then speculating about how it might work if it were in water.

    Note that lasting fields of energy are what biochemists call matter. Matter (such as an electron or proton or two of those paired together to temporarily form hydrogen) is simply a label for particular energetic formations.

  • In a nuclear reaction, carbon does not really become nitrogen and then oxygen. Also, the carbon does not appear out of nowhere and then disappear.
    What happens is that different formations of energy assemble through electromagnetic bonding and then transform. These temporary formations are labeled as various kinds of carbon (#12, #13, etc) as well as other elements (nitrogen, oxygen).

    Carbon is just a label for a SET of particular energetic structures (similar formations that all have the same number of protons). Carbon does not exist in a fundamental sense.

    However, energy does exist in a fundamental way. Energy can form in to a lasting structure of energycalledcarbon- though only temporarily.I am throwing in this point not because it is super relevant, but because it demonstrates how major linguistic presumptions used frequently in biochemistry are somewhere between imprecise and ridiculous. Trying to understand health from a perspective of 19th century biochemistry is like studying a dead fish and speculating about the ocean.It is true that different diets produce different results, but to focus on nutrition over breathing or electromagnetism is not based on the actual importance of nutrition to health, but from a desire for commercial profit… which is fine. Most people do not focus their diet on maintaining their internal fluids in accord with ancient oceans (such as lacking trace minerals and proper proportions of electrolytes). Many of us also entirely ignore the huge number of symbiotic bacteria that are essential to the health of our organism.

    So, we can find short answers to simple questions, but those always lead to more questions. To the extent that I consider mainstream biochemistry to be a form of myopia (“out-of-focus nearsightedness”), my interest in a biochemist’s comments on my views may be much less than they expect or hope.


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