respect for violent systems of governing human resources

Someone wrote the following as a facebook post (copied in it’s entirety and put in to italics) and my comment is below that. Note, for those who easily get faint, that there is a photo below of a “crime scene” (with blood and so on)….

It’s possible to have a system of government that seeks no authority over people, with no jails, fines, beatings, wars, and with voluntary taxation.The current form of government is not permanent. It’s only a reflection of mind in denial of love.

Instead of serving one another without expectation, the insanity of controlling, manipulating, competing and taking from one another has been given authority over the human psyche. In fact, the “normal” way to raise kids is punishment and reward. When kids grow up hearing things like “do as I say or else”, they learn to fit in with the current system of control, manipulation and greed.

How can you help reverse this trend? Simple! Just notice how you feel when the mind moves to make anyone wrong, to change them, fix them, manipulate them, take from them or punish them.

With your inner eye on the insane program that plays in the collective consciousness, the thoughts that are attracted to you will naturally become more loving, which will bring more peace to your personal interactions.

Such a loving presence naturally inspires the surrender of conflict in other people, and the world evolves accordingly.

Now is the time to live your vision of love, even if everything in your world seems to deny the possibility.

In appreciation!

It is possible to have governments just like we have had before (including very loose primitive tribal hierarchies similar to what is observed in other species) and just like we have now. Technology allows for new innovations in the regulating and organizing of human resources.

The vast lack of respect by the masses for the organized violence of all of the governing systems since Noah and Moses is… carefully programmed through propaganda. The herds are taught to call the standard activities of government greedy and corrupt and insane and so on. Their contempt is how they are crippled.

Governments regulate crime and extortion and fraud. They systematically develop these patterns of interaction and then do their best to monopolize those activities and colonize new occupied territories, like the US still has bases in Germany and Japan after 70 years of peace and stability. Imperialist militaries do not plan to leave. They plan to stay. They also construct creative stories to justify their presence and publicize them to their “underwriters” (their taxpayers/ human resources).

So, there is a time for love and for hate, for peace and for war, for healing and for killing humans in public rituals of human sacrifice called “executions.” Except for the very last bit, that is a direct quote from Ecclesiastes, chapter 3. It is also consistent with the ancient histories of every civilization plus the scriptures of Taoism and Hinduism etc….

Delusional idealism is programmed. The wealth of the wealthiest 1% in the world (those who make over $30,000 per year) is completely dependent on the cheap labor of the less privileged. If you experience any guilt in relation to such vast wealth, that is simply a reflection of cultural programming.



9 Responses to “respect for violent systems of governing human resources”

  1. mrswriteword Says:

    honestly both are wrong. If you asked someone who lived through the Soviot Ragime in Romania you would know that the word Collective is not peaceful and loving in any way. When a framer dies from starvation, working on his land, stolen by the government for ” the collective” something is wrong with that picture.
    On the other hand, using Gods word to justify a the insainity of beheading innocent people is blasphemy.
    People, if society as a whole, wants the life of love and peace. Then Society needs Father God. Without him there is no peace. It all starts from the inside.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Just to be clear, the common understanding of the verse Numbers 25:4 is that Moses is being directed by the Lord to HANG certain Israelites in a public execution, not to behead them. By “heads of the people,” the translators refer to leaders of the people, not the decapitated heads of the offenders. But that is trivia to me.

      Also, the phrase “innocent people” has almost nothing to do with this blog. That could be an interesting side issue though.

      In Numbers 31, when all of the males of any age of the Midianite tribe are ordered to be slaughtered, the killed children are not considered “innocent” … because they are Midianite children. For the “crimes” of other people in their tribe, they are punished. Whether you like what the book of Numbers says, that is the common translation. In other ancient scriptures (Hebrew, Muslim, Hindu, etc), there are many more references to wars and the shedding of innocent blood, such as a lamb.

      Is it “insane” to sacrifice a lamb in a religious ceremony? I do not think so. To some, it is not blasphemous but a core part of their religious practice.

      Of course people will grieve when governments operate and conduct their systems of violence. There is a time for war and for peace, for love and for hate. That is what the Bible says in Ecclesiastes. That is an obvious fact that does not need to be written or spoken to be obvious.

      As for inner peace, that does not require words, including the word “God.” People can argue about it with words, but that may because they know nothing about the Peace OF God.

  2. mrswriteword Says:

    I am confused, are you saying that people need God to have peace or don’t need God to have peace?

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      To clarify, a person who, for instance, spoke only Hebrew (or Aramaic) and who lived long before the English word “God” was invented… could “have peace” just as much as someone who spoke English.

      What do you say? What exactly do you mean by “have peace?”

  3. mrswriteword Says:

    What I mean by peace is really unexplainable in any language, but I will do my best. Peace is not at state of no war. Peace is not even about the way the world is at hand. We will have wars. We will have murder, sickness, starvation, hatred in this world around us. So if humanity is seeking peace from an outside source it will never happen. I can’t remember a time in my life that these things didn’t happen.
    So when I know peace it is something much simpler then making contrcts with countries, or religouse groups to stop killings.
    We, you&I, were born into an evil world with evil hearts. We want to do thing our own way and so do those who kill in the name of god. Even Paul killed in the name of god. He killed women and children in the name of god. His heart was evil.
    So, what changed? He had an encounter with GOD. Not the god who he claimed to have been representing, but the ALmighty God, the ever lasting Father , the Prince of peace. That single encounter changed his heart from one of hatered and war, to one of peace.
    That what peace is. We can’t have it from any source but the Prince of peace. It isn’t something will stop wars. Wars will always exist.
    It is something that give humans the ablity to feel the calm in them.
    Recently I read an artical of a young women who was doing missions work in the middle east. she had been imprisoned and was finelly able to write home.She didn’t write about her predicument as much as she had peace about it. They beheaded her. She died peacefully.
    Does this clearify?

    • mrswriteword Says:

      He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.Psalms91:1

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      “That [is] what peace is…. It is something that give humans the ability to feel the calm in them.”

      So if an infant has the ability to feel calm, is that what you mean by peace? If Paul (or Saul before his “encounter”) felt calm now and then, that is not the same as ABIDING in peace, right?

      To label a heart evil or to label the world evil is not abiding in peace either. Abiding in peace does not require language at all… labels are just labels.

  4. mrswriteword Says:

    Saying that the world is evil is not labelling it is speaking the realites that just are. As you question about babies being peaceful,you haven’t spent much time with a mom whose life has been turned upside down by one. They are anything but peaceul. Yes they sleep 20 hours a day. Sleeping is the only thing peaceful about them. From the day a child is born their is a sin nature in them. They are selfish, only thinking about their own needs. We except that because we love them. As they get older you notice they steal, they lie, they are still selfish, they throw murderouse tantrumes.But they have loveing parents who teach them how to be different. In reality they still want to do what they want to do with no consequence.Children are not peaceful.
    We have a heavenly Father who loves us and just like the parents who lovingly teach their children to be self relient and not selfish. He wants to teach us about Putting our lives in His hands and trusting Him. We do that , then our hearts and minds are at peace.
    Paul didn’t have peace before his encounter with Christ. He had anger, and fear, and selfish ambitions,hatered, jelousy,and the list goes on. PEace is the absents of all those negative emotions and actions.Those things are evil. Evil does exist. That is just a truth that we can’t deny. If it didn’t we wouldn’t need to even talk about the word peace.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      If you need to talk about peace, so be it. For those who do not experience it, talking about it can be “good practice.” However, talking about it may not be beneficial, depending on the nature of the talking. Quoting scripture may or may not greatly benefit someone- depending both on them and the particular scripture. I think of this one for you:

      /”All things, indeed, are pure to the pure, and to the defiled and unstedfast is nothing pure, but of them defiled are even the mind and the conscience;”/

      Titus 1:15

      People who habitually look for something to condemn are more likely to find a target for contempt than people who are innocent of such a habit. What is your understanding of this passage:

      /Then he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven./

      Matthew 18:3 (& Mark 10:15 & Luke 18:17)

      How about this one?

      /”……In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults.”/

      1 Corinthians 14:20

      Those who are deep in guilt say things like “life should not be how it is and I am in hell but I do not deserve to be and I know exactly who to blame!” They see peace as a relief or escape or salvation. Their experiences can motivate them to explore peace and develop it.

      To me, you display habits of presumptiveness, contentiousness, and a variety of other patterns of interacting that I could call negative (or unpeaceful or evil). You lack spiritual authority (as well as humility). So, it is good for you to study scripture to help you stay “in focus,” though it could also be beneficial for you to explore with the assistance of one or more others who actually demonstrate the kinds of spiritual qualities, such as peace, that may be of interest to you.

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