On the great religion of global imperialism



It is notable for the focus in so many churches to skip the Book of Numbers (in which the Lord threatens plagues against the Israelites, unleashes the threatened plagues, and then withdraws them once the Israelites are compliant). To leave out the background issue of the apocalyptic threats of an apparently non-terrestial ruling entity is very notable.

The great religion of global imperialism (including the branches of Islam and Christianity) really got going with the slaughter of the Midianites by the Israelites (as documented in Numbers 31). Also, in any sect of the religion of imperialism, we notice that there are different ranks of military officer, such as the different ranks within the Levite priesthood that rules over the rest of the Hebrew tribes with coercion and terror. At various ranks of the military secret societies, different ideas are revealed.

The New Testament is for “the taxpayers / inheritors of national debts.” The Talmud is not. The Zohar is definitely not.

Of course, first-hand accounts about ET contact are “sensitive information” which we can expect to be kept highly classified through the use of violence (as in silencing by death). It is also important that the herds consider certain subjects “forbidden” or “ridiculous.” That is essential to maintaining the social order of organized inequity.

More on the slaughter of the Midianites:


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