The greatest taboo: calm alertness

Is there any greater taboo than simply to relax profoundly? The common people are kept in a state of chronic stress- even subdued terror. This is a primary goal of many cultures. A major source of terror is the perceived threat of a pending social rejection of an individual. Who is willing to relax their worship of a culture’s favorite slogans (even at the risk of thinning out their social network)?

If someone says “people should all be a certain way,” why is that? Why should people be a few particular ways and not certain other ways? If millions of people are all programmed to chant a slogan that “people should not be a certain way,” why all of the attention to creating systems of institutional indoctrination, such as schools and churches and media?

Certain patterns of behavior are encouraged as favoring the interests of the rulers. Other patterns are discouraged for being directly contrary to the interests of the rulers (or, if not a threat, then at least a potential distraction).

Sexuality is an extremely powerful instinct. If the masses can be trained to repress actual sexual behavior while there is a constant stimulation of sexual energies (of sexuality), can the common people be kept emotionally crippled?

Consider the intense emotions of contempt that can be stirred if the mass media repeats that a particular group or individual has simply been accused of particular kinds of sexual activity that the common people think of as disgusting, revolting, or disturbing. Consider also that when “insiders” of mainstream institutions have been accused by many dozens of people of similar acts, the institutions may give a lot of resources to keeping those accusations out of public attention.

Consider Michael Jackson. Was he “protected” for decades in the same way as BBC celebrity Jimmy Saville? How about Bill Cosby or Arnold Schwarzenegger? How about accusations that many officials of the Roman Catholic Church have been creating “child sex rings” throughout the world (even for many centuries)?

It is understandable that institutions might “cover up” certain practices that could be unfavorable to their public reputation (such as torture or the use of chemical “weapons” against their own population). It is also understandable that institutions might entice people in to participating in “repulsive” activities that can later be used to blackmail them and promote obedience.

Should there be blackmail? There is blackmail.

Should there be institutions? There are institutions.

Should there be idealism? There is idealism.

Should the common people be kept on the edge of hysteria? Either they are or they are not. If not, then perhaps certain institutions are not “doing their job.”

What alternatives do we have to mainstream hysteria? There is respect. We could quietly respect human culture for what it is.

There is also withdrawal. We could withdraw from human culture (or travel somewhere extremely foreign to us) and begin to relax at least a few of our hysterias about “how people should not be” and release our distress about “how institutions should not be” and so on.

Of course, we can also condemn hysteria. We can scream that “hysteria should not be so hysterical!” We can paint slogans on signs and parade down the streets chanting “No more hysteria! No more hysteria!”

What is not possible is humor. Parody is a term that refers to a certain way of using language attentively, but humans clearly are incapable of such feats of intelligence. Also, reverse psychology should not exist, though that is barely worth mentioning because it does not exist and never could anyway.

In conclusion, beware of the contents of the video linked here. Some people have made fraudulent medical claims that it contains ironies presented in ways that can promote relaxation and laughter. This cannot be tolerated. What the world needs now is a constant dose of intense guilt about how you (and everyone else) should experience unconditional love all the time and towards absolutely everyone.


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