From idealism to maturity

1) Systems are created for the indoctrination of the masses to promote ideals of “what should be” (as in “love” or “equality”)

2) The masses are trained to strive to suppress certain responses and to present certain other behaviors that fit with their programmed ideals. In the indoctrination programs, certain behaviors are encouraged / rewarded and certain behaviors are targeted for punishment and shaming.

3) Over time, the masses notice that some of their ideals (of what should be) do not fit precisely with their observations. Then other ideals also do not match observation. How people actually act and the programmed ideals about how people should act seem to not entirely match – or even quite rarely. So, in a hysteria of social anxiety to maintain their programmed self-image (of fitting in with certain behavioral ideals), they then resist their own observations and criticize anything that they recognize as not fitting with their programmed ideals. They may seek interpersonal dynamics and groups that assist them in maintaining (reinforcing) their ideals.

4) People may fight over “which ideals are the most ideal.” They may fight over “which labels REALLY apply to which people and which systems.”

5) Some people say “I am awakened now because I see that major social systems do not conform to their own publicized ideals (like they should).”

6) Some people laugh and say, “ah, so now you say that you are awakened because you have been programmed to have contempt for anything when there is a contrast between programmed idealisms and your own later observations about that thing. Congratulations on your condescending disrespect for most everything!”



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