A few quick tips for a “way above average” life:

#1 If some idea comes from mainstream sources (like public schools or the mass media), you can take it with an extra dose of skepticism. You can ask “why is someone so interested in promoting certain perceptions and certain actions?”

#2 Invest time in finding “way above average” results. For instance, if an acupuncture treatment can produce results that are 4.5 times as favorable as a conventional “popular” method in 1/4 of the time and for 1/20th of the cost, then that is “way above average.”

#3 Invest time in conversations with people who are also focusing on “way above average” results. That includes “way above average” health, diet, medical remedies, and so on- efficient communication, extraordinary financial results, above average “anything.”

#4 Be willing to change what you buy (as in food). Be willing to move (to “vote with your feet”). Do what it takes to be able to afford a “way above average” amount of freedom and power.



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