What Causes Constipation? arterial hypocapnia (low CO2) caused by hyperventilation

What Causes Constipation? Low O2 in the Gut

The main cause of constipation is ineffective breathing, which reduces body-oxygen content. Superficially it seems that constipation is caused by low amounts of fiber in the diet, a lack of physical exercise, acne, stress, and other lifestyle factors. However, all these factors make breathing heavier and deeper.

About 100 years ago, Yandell Henderson, MD, Yale University Professor, found that arterial hypocapnia (low CO2) caused by hyperventilation resulted in loss of tone in the blood vessels located in the abdominal viscera of dogs and produced extreme intestinal congestion (causing constipation and weight gain). It also leads to acne. Saturation of the blood with carbon dioxide quickly eliminated the congestion (Henderson, 1907). His study was published in the American Journal of Physiology (see the reference below).

Why has chronic constipation become a problem during the last 100 years? Do modern people breathe too much? This graph shows results of 24 medical studies that measured how much modern normal subjects breathe. The small bar on the left is the medical norm (6 liters of air per minute at rest)….
Hyperventilation: Present in Over 90% of Normals

…Chronic hyperventilation (i.e. breathing more than the norm) and correspondingly low CO2 values in the arterial blood cause problems with the perfusion and oxygenation of the digestive organs.

over-breathing leads to reduced blood and oxygen supply to all GI organs, rectum, and surrounding muscles and tissues included. This is the key cause of constipation. A low oxygen level in cells triggers anaerobic cellular respiration, elevated lactic acid content, suppression of the immune system, pathological flora in the gut, and many other negative effects, such as bloating and acne.
chronic overbreathing causes those effects in muscle and nerve cells that are directly responsible for muscular spasm present in chronic cases of constipation….

Breathing exercises cure constipation 

and provide  relief in 1 minute

Normally, during elimination, the descending colon and all subsequent muscles function together and in harmony, as a well-trained team. According to Russian MDs,Medical people smiling chronic constipation happens as a result of local spasms due to strained muscles, pooling of the venous blood and reduced cell oxygen content due to ineffective breathing (increased thoracic breathing and elevated minute ventilation leading to O2 and CO2 deficiencies). Hence, your goal is to normalize your respiration pattern.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that over 90% of people can get fast relief from constipation (in 1-2 minutes or nearly suddenly) using a simple breathing exercise (remedy) developed by Russian medical doctors. This most matural home remedy was tested on thousands of people with chronic constipation. It is Remedy No.4 on this page: http://www.normalbreathing.com/c/constipation-remedies.php

(and that link goes here:)

4 Fast Home Remedies for Chronic Constipation | Constipation Cure

With a Simple Breathing Exercise To Relieve Constipation Fast or in 1-2 min

Man with constipation in toilet

Here are our famous constipation remedies:Solution 1. Take about 400 mg of magnesium every day, better in divided doses (i.e., spread throughout the day). Use an organic form (magnesium citrate, magnesium ascorbate, magnesium aspartate, amino acid chelate, and so forth).

Solution 2. Eat 1 tablespoon of raw honey twice daily, in the morning and evening.

Solution 3. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk powder in 250-300 ml of water and drink quickly, twice every day.

Brain O2 levels: changes after overbreathing

Solution 4. Finally, here is the simplest and fastest natural home remedy among all known constipation remedies. It addresses the ultimate cause of this symptom – low levels of O2 in the body, spasm in the muscles of the digestive tract and reduced perfusion (blood supply) of body cells. The exercise can be used for severe chronic constipation, during pregnancy, for constipation pain, for children, and in many other situations.

Constipation remedy breathing exercise (relief in 1-2 min)

This natural and easy breathing exercise to relieve constipation (and even its pain) was invented by Soviet medical doctors and tested on thousands of their patients.

1. Take a slow inhalation using your abdominal muscles or belly (as if filling your belly with air) and exhale by relaxing your diaphragm. (This slow and deep breath increases blood oxygen levels since people with constipation are usually chest breathers.)

2. At the end of this slow relaxed exhalation, pinch the nose and hold your breath until you experience strong-air hunger. (People with heart disease, seizures, panic attacks and frequent migraines should avoid extended breath holding and use the easier version provided below.)

Reduced breathing for constipation remedy

3. When you release your nose, instead of following your natural desire to take a large deep inhalation, take a shorter inhalation using your diaphragm and then immediately relax it. Your goal is to maintain strong level of air hunger for 1-2 minutes, while having this reduced breathing pattern with total relaxation of all body muscles. If you do this exercise, increased O2 and CO2 concentrations will bring quick relief from constipation and pain.

For people with heart disease and panic attacks

These groups of people need a different version of this breathing exercise to relieve constipation. They should use a different approach. They require more gentle changes in CO2 and O2 in the lungs and blood. Instead of a sudden CO2 increase in the blood (as during breath holding), these people start with step 3 above: only reduced breathing while gradually increasing air hunger level.

This YouTube video “Constipation Remedies – Relief in 1 Min – provides the same exercise to relieve constipation fast.

Permanent and natural chronic-constipation remedy

In order to get rid of severe or chronic constipation, you should slow down your automatic breathing and increase your body-oxygen levels to at least 25 seconds 24/7. Normal body oxygenation (40 s) is the medical standard for this test and the ultimate cure for all problems with chronic constipation.


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11 Responses to “What Causes Constipation? arterial hypocapnia (low CO2) caused by hyperventilation”

  1. teresapelka Says:

    Hi, I’m quite ignorant about constipation, but maybe it’s for my regular intake of herbal tea (camomile, mint). Breathing: I don’t believe human brains breathe CO2; respiratory muscles don’t breathe it, either. Still worse, it can increase acidity to dangerous levels. With learning difficulty (and not only), one can try simple gymnastics to breathe in while making effort. An established habit helps also reading.

    As for Russian doctors, would you say this story is plausible at all?

    https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=GXXnPRhAZbI

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    Teresa, as for the video you linked, I know that sleep deprivation can lead to extreme effects. I do not know the details of that video and it looks “sensationalist,” so I do not plan to give it much time.

    Also, you seem not to know much about how oxygen gets out of the bloodstream and in to the cells. CO2 levels are very important, which is why raising CO2 levels in the bloodstream is so important to getting O2 in to the cells. Also, with hyperventilation, it is the fact that CO2 levels that are too low that causes the brain cells to starve for oxygen (potentially resulting in the death of the organism).

  3. jrfibonacci Says:

    Teresa, you are correct that oxygen needs to be present, however,
    this is about getting oxygen in to the cell from the bloodstream, not getting oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream. Co2 is part of that mechanism for getting oxygen (O2) inside of the cells That has been widely known for over 100 years and is in all standard textbooks on biochemistry and physiology (and is called the Bohr effect for the man who discovered it in 1904).

    In the bottom left of this image, it shows that the CO2 released in to the bloodstream is the trigger for O2 being released from the hemoglobin in the blood and the O2 entering the cell (such as a brain cell) – which is shown in the top left.

    • teresapelka Says:

      You’re referring to a homeostatic process. If you limit your oxygen intake, you narrow the homeostatic pool for oxygen and carbon dioxide won’t enhance it. Compare ischemic conditions


      Anyway, you can stay by your opinion, and I can stay by mine, which I will: I believe in breathing oxygen (I really think so). 🙂

      • jrfibonacci Says:

        Teresa, what’s your motive here? Are you just being disrespectful out of contempt for whatever you imagine me to be?

        Of course raising CO2 levels in the bloodstream does not increase the amount of O2 in the body (or anything else… magnesium or cholesterol or mitochondria or hydrogen etc etc etc). You have been arguing against a position that I never took… as if you just want to argue with someone about SOMETHING.

        The “Bohr Effect” refers to an observation that for oxygen to get from the bloodstream in to a cell, three things are used: O2 (in Hemoglobin), H2O, and CO2. For the vast majority of “civilized people,” it is the insufficient levels of CO2 that result in symptoms like asthma, panic attacks, fibromyalgia, constipation, etc….

        Experiments have established what symptoms can be produced (in a variety of mammals) by “lowering CO2 levels to mimic hyperventilation.” Further, interventions to increase CO2 levels have helped thousands of people for many decades to reduce or reverse all of the above symptoms.

      • jrfibonacci Says:

        Teresa, in your ischemia link, here it the first thing it says under the “research” section:

        “A closely related disease to brain ischemia is brain hypoxia. Brain hypoxia is the condition in which there is a decrease in the oxygen supply to the brain even in the presence of adequate blood flow.”

        Keep in mind that these Latin-root words (these “diseases”) are just labels for symptoms. “Brain Hypoxia” is not low O2 in the bloodstream in general, but in the brain cells in particular.

        It is well-known (among biochemists at least) that “hypocpnia” (which is just another word for low CO2 levels) is the primary cause of brain hypoxia. There are many studies on the issue. Here is a link to more info (from a 2008 journal of Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology):


        More: (from the American Journal of Phsyiology)


  4. jrfibonacci Says:

    To clarify the actual mechanism, there are two ions shown as well: H+ (a charged particle of Hydrogen) and OH- (a charged “hydroxyl” ion). Those two ions, when bonded together, are also known as H2O (water).

    • teresapelka Says:

      Holding views and opinions is not a matter of politeness, or being impolite. If someone disagrees with you, you can note he or she is of a different opinion. You would not be justified saying he or she intends to offend you. I believe I addressed your writing matter; I did not “come with a point to make”

      (Are the New York Yankees the best baseball team? Is our Solar System unique? Et caetera.)

      I feel however you probably went angry, while I intended only an exchange on a perspective (homeostatic, which I think is better, no offense). I’ll finish here, staying to my opinion.

      • jrfibonacci Says:

        Well, it has been over a month since you read this article, right? My sense remains that you never understood the basics of the presentation in this article. I will review them in a very short summary below. If you have other priorities or interests, that is up to you.

        As I recall, you were saying something like that any instance of hypoxia will cause constipation. I already knew that. You presented it like it was new or contrary to what I presented. That is a misunderstanding. My clarifying point was that the primary source of brain cell hypoxia is bloodstream hypocapnia (due to hyperventilation).

        Hyperventilation (even just moderate hyperventilating) leads inevitably to hypocapnia (low CO2 levels) which then leads inevitably to hypoxia (low O2 levels in the brain) which then leads to constipation. That is a short summary of the entire article. The research results are very clear about how easy it is to produce (or eliminate) hypoxia (and constipation) simply through starting or stopping hyperventilation.

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    […] https://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/…/what-causes…/ […]

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