The Holy Empire

In the Holy Empire, the welfare of the Holy Empire itself is the guiding interest behind all patterns of activity. This is a simple extension of the self-preservation instinct within all creatures. Self-preservation (or self-interest) is inherently a competitive instinct.

In regard to the universal nature of competitiveness across all creatures, further consider that between various species of animal in the wild, survival is always competitive. For instance, various predators may all compete to eat the same prey (or the same plants). When competition gets too intense, the amount of nutrition available may plunge and so the hungriest creatures may resort to geographical dispersion (or else face extinction).

You may be familiar with the term “food chain.” What does it refer to?

In any “food chain” of various species, there is a hierarchy of predators who seek to eat other creatures that we categorize as “lower on the food chain.” For instance, the big predators eat smaller predators (who may only eat plants). There are also scavenger species that typically live off of the corpses of already dead creatures.

Also, within a single species, we can observe competition over food, territory, and mates. Sometimes the competition results in fatalities. Occasionally, we even notice frequent cannibalism within a species, such as in the case of black widow spiders.

The name widow refers to the fact that the female spider eats her male mate right after mating. She kills her mate immediately after his primary purpose is fulfilled, making her an instant widow. The ideal role of the male is to survive to adulthood, to mate, and then to provide food to his impregnated mate. In the case of the male black widow spider, the food that he provides to his mate is his own physical organism.

So, if you think of any type of wild animal or plant, you can notice that survival is always competitive. Further, between various species in the wild, survival is always competitive. For a Holy Empire, the system itself is also competing against all possible challengers.

How does the Holy Empire compete against any possible challengers? It competes by organizing cooperative alliances. Dominant species can even form cooperative alliances with other species, which we can label as the domesticating of livestock, the cultivation of agriculture for food, and even the taming, breeding, and training of pets and service animals such as guide dogs, calvary horses, and plow ox.

In the Holy Empire, there is not only a complex hierarchy between species, as in the case of a food chain or the domestication of pets and livestock. There can also be a complex hierarchy within the species. There can be a class of owners and a class of slaves. There can be military officers as well as infantry soldiers (and, guiding them all, warlords).

There can be systems of extortion in which the masses are intimidated or forced in to contributing economic value (which is redistributed inequitably to certain privileged groups through the cooperation of an army of organized mercenaries or thugs). For instance, in a military occupation, the occupied population can be forced to participate in commercial operations that greatly benefit the organizers of the military occupation. The soldiers receive also receive a modest amount of the privileges that are created from the systematic exploitation of the occupied colony.

So, in the Holy Empire, a top priority is for the masses to be compliant in their participation within the system, whether as a common slave laborer, or as an elite servant slave, or as a mercenary providing mid-level management of the various levels of slaves (human resources). Further, for the masses to be compliant, it is ideal that they be in a state of lasting anxiety (as in repressed psychological terror, paranoia, distress, and mass hysteria).

This can be accomplished through regular in-person indoctrinations (such as at a weekly gathering) or daily programming (such as in mandatory schooling) or even 24-hour propaganda methods (such as in mainstream media). Those three systems all can be categorized as methods of psychological warfare.

Mandatory medical interventions can also be effective at stimulating certain neurological and hormonal patterns (including raging stress hormones and neurological distress or inflammation). Through indoctrination about diet and food contamination risks, the masses can be directed to avoid foods that promote neurological efficiency.

The holy empire cultivates a culture of certain mainstream behavioral norms, including even specific habits in the use of language and logic. The household chemicals promoted for the masses to use are not randomly selected. Their footwear and clothing are not randomly selected.

Nothing is randomly selected. The central authority, responding to the influence of lobbyists as well as public relations specialists, systematically regulates any activities considered important in the Holy Empire. Curriculums are created and carefully promoted. Daily dietary recommendations are conceived and marketed.

warning label

The Holy Empire closely regulates the activities that are most central to it’s operation, such as extortion, fraud, and cold-blooded rituals of human sacrifice. By securing a near monopoly on these behaviors, the Holy Empire creates a near monopoly on psychological terror. The compliance of the masses is secured. Irrational rationalizations are spoon-fed to the masses, including ironic slogans such as this: “we are only colonizing that foreign nation in order to give those people freedom from outside interference.”

Why does the Holy Empire o everything that it does? Because the Holy Empire thrives by promoting it’s own survival. If the population of soldiers gets too powerful, then wars can be conducted to either give them more power (over new colonies to occupy and exploit) or by thinning the number of living soldiers. If the population of laborers gets too costly to maintain (such as if they consume so many resources that it threatens the dominance of the rulers), then there are a variety of methods for increasing fatalities and reducing the lifespans of the laborers.

What is the pinnacle of reverse psychology promoted to the masses in the Holy Empire? The greatest honor is reserved for those who strive to save the world from Holy Empires. Even if the holy rebels and reformers fail in their efforts, as most do, any who succeed will be glorified as heroes (as role models for the masses).

“There must be no exploitation or privileged classes,” say the communists. They may produce the greatest extremes of exploitation and privilege, but ignore that and focus on the linguistic slogans that they worship!

“We are saving humanity from another catastrophic apocalypse,” say the latest saviors of humanity. Following the tradition of the great Hebrew warlords Noah and Moses, they offer to save the world from the latest threats, such as climate change, the plague of disease epidemics, immorality, nuclear weapons, or the possession of handguns among the general population.

The blind loyalists ask in desperate frustration: “But how can we save humanity from Holy Empires?” They exhaust themselves in irrelevance.

They anxiously seek to compensate for their condemnation of their own past naivete. How can they suppress the alleged sources of all of their guilt: fear, disappointment, and anger? In their hysteria, they never pause to relax and question whether the logical source of their guilt is the natural, normal emotions that are common to any small child… or a traumatic program of self-condemnation.

All of their peers (or almost all) encourage them to remain loyal to the emotional slogans of the Holy Empire. “We are in this together, Chewbacca! If only we conform to what we have been conditioned to label as good, then Santa Claus will reward us when we die with everlasting life and an abundance of horny virgins.”

They seek to earn their way in to heaven by first claiming that they are currently somewhere else and perhaps do not even to deserve to be in heaven yet, but are just hopefully waiting for grace to come down from the clouds (in a flying saucer perhaps) and pluck them out of their self-proclaimed hell. If only they could conform to the mass-marketed ideals of the Holy Empire, then they could earn their way in to an eternal utopia right after this universe ends.

They worship an Almighty god who is easily threatened by a devil. How powerful is this devil to be able to compete with a God that they call Almighty? Do they actually worship just a Savior god or both the threatening devil and the savior from the threat?

Do they speak in a language that respects God as Almighty? Or do they speak the language of the devil: “I hate it here and I really deserve better than this! Why did God make a mistake and ruin my life by violating my preferences? After all, I have really tried sincerely to do exactly what I was programmed to do and of course I know for certain that I cannot have ever been naive, so that means that the programs could not have been reserve psychological warfare to cripple me emotionally.”

Which exact ritual of divine witchcraft should the masses use to escape from their habitual practices of self-condemnation and self-repression? Which destination should they pick for a remedial pilgrimage to qualify them for heaven?

Most importantly, how can we prevent humanity from ever experiencing naivete, fear, disappointment, or hysteria? What is the cure for incurable imaginary hypochondria? Why in heaven’s name can language be used for reverse psychology when clearly that should not be possible?


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