Target profitability and minimize risk by comparing multiple investment markets

Are you interested in improving your finances? How about dramatically increasing your investment returns and controlling risk (or even minimizing risk except for specific periods of peak opportunity in select markets)?

In the video below, I detail a few keys of the logical process that I have used to reliably forecast long-term and short-term fluctuations in investment markets. Below are also the images that I reference in the video. Clicks each image to see a bigger version. The bottom set of images has colors to highlight certain similarities in the charts and if you want to have the chance to see if you reach the same easy analysis that I do, listen to the video first before scrolling down to view that bottom set of images.

Also, I made passing reference to real estate markets in the video, and, as a little bonus, there is an extra chart below in the middle showing the last 3 months of prices for 3 funds that track US real estate markets. You will see that the patterns of those charts are highly consistent with the patterns in the markets which I discuss in the video.




US Real estate:

charts us re

Here is the same sets of images as on top, but with certain similarities noted in color:











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