A history of imperialism from the Hebrew tradition

  • I begin my “primary timeline” in the history of imperialism with the Hebrew Prophet Noah. I’m not saying that I cannot go much further back, because I can, but I can go that far back and still have lots of documentation to support my commentary. Most people either do not yet know the documentation that I am talking about (and can easily review it) or else they simply retreat from the conversation. (If I go back much further than Noah, then the documentation is there, but the content is so controversial to most mainstream “zombies” that I stick with Noah at least at first).

    Noah declared to the Hebrews a seventh commandment that supplemented the six given to Adam. (This was long before Moses, which is as far back as most Christians have ever pondered, but again the documentation for what I am saying is very accessible and many Jews are quite aware of the sequence I am referencing.)

    Do you know that seventh “Noahide” commandment? Note that it is not included in “the Ten Commandments.”

  • People sometimes use the term “Boogie Man” to refer to an invented threat.  Perhaps Noah invoked the biggest boogie man of all- far bigger than just a military enemy or global warming or Ebola. Noah basically said that “this Seventh commandment must be satisfied ETERNALLY or else the human race will be punished by The Almighty with a cataclysm even worse than the recent flood [which was recent prior to this statement being made by Noah].”

    That apocalyptic tone is the foundation of modern Judaism and the two biggest “branches of Judaism:” Christianity and Islam. Further, that tone is not really that far removed from the tone presented in certain popular versions of the story of the Garden of Eden.

    Still in the general subject of intimidation (which is a little broader than intimidation specifically through a fantasy of a boogie man), another massive innovation in psychological warfare was the invention of a linguistic idea called “hell” (in English). “Those who do not conform to the behavior that the holy authority (political or otherwise) dictates for them will be punished with eternal torture after they die [and you might not want to know what the high priests of the latest Holy Inquisition are going to do to bring about the death of those witches and heretics who are disloyal to Rome/Babylon/Moscow/etc].”
  • Finally, the “innovative conceptual paradigm of Noah” was implemented in the various assassinations and slaughters led by Moses (and “rewarded by God”). Phinehas was rewarded with a political title of a priesthood for plunging a spear through two embraced lovers (shown in image above). The decapitated heads of disloyal Israelites were also placed on public display to “promote compliance” – see chapter 25 in the below image.

    As for other rewards documented in the Old Testament book of Numbers, the Levites were also rewarded with virgin brides (including child brides) for their massacre of the Midianites. One notable verse is Numbers 31:17, shown in the image below:


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