Taking an argument through the eye of the needle

HJ wrote: Those who have arguments with my words can argue with themselves.

My energy of attention is being moved toward those whose approach is childlike curiosity and willingness to see through the appearance of separate identities.

RRF replied: That sounds like a statement of separation to me.

HJ: Everything sounds like a statement of wholeness to me…living proof that separation never was!

JR writes:

“Separation never was” could be a statement of denial. It could be argumentative. “Now, let me explain why when I am argumentative, that is not actually argumentative….”

There is a spectrum of precision- from more to less. There are many spectrums.

Childlike curiosity may be very valuable for those who are “closed” in that regard. Beyond mere curiosity is focus, intensity, and courage.

Why is a child’s lack of perception of danger called naive? Because they lack perceptiveness. Only when one is perceptive and open to fear is courage possible. Curiosity leads so perceptiveness, which can be useful. However, I had a childlike curiosity as a child. There is a totally distinct context beyond “mere curiosity.”

Curiosity helps you to find the eye of the needle. To pass through it, curiosity is not enough.



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