The mainstream religion that is not a religion

  • Mainstream idealism sets up people to obsess about “making the biggest difference” so that they can “make up for” their unexamined self-rejection (guilt, shame, etc). In the most simple stories of heaven and hell, those who insist that they are not in heaven and that they need salvation through some exclusive, limited way… are presumably experiencing hell. Maybe if they perform the correct rituals to bribe Santa with cookies and tithes, then they can be freed from sin and, after they die, be rewarded with heaven.
  • So, we are programmed with ideals about how life is and how life should be (or should not be). We are told things like how governments should be, which functions to blind us from how our own government might not be exactly “how governments should be.” However, the naive pupils still blindly believe that “our government USED TO BE perfect,” so they then think “who has ruined our government?” Then they argue amongst themselves for a few decades over how to protect our government from becoming how it should not be (assuming that it is not already that way).

    The entire process is hysteria. Virtually all governments use propaganda to present themselves as a “kinder, gentler imperialism” – at least on occasion.

    Schools do not teach the basic nature of language, which is to govern (to influence, to organize, to focus, to control, etc). They also may not reveal their own methodology or motives.

  • The idea of an “either/or” world is convenient and certainly a valid orientation: either right or wrong, either just or unjust, either what should be or what should not be. We can call this a “black/white” or binary or dualistic “worldview.” It is actually just a pattern in language.

    We can divide any spectrum in to two exclusive categories or several overlapping categories, like blue & red & yellow, as well as maroon and magenta and other “subcategories” of red. How many “real” colors are there? What is the best number of colors to divide a rainbow in to? (This is mostly a matter of how many different distinct categories a particular language happens to have for the various hues of a rainbow.)

    One of the most important points in the religion known as the USA is that it is not a religion. The USA’s rituals are not religious rituals.

    “Either something is a religion or [else it must be] a ____, but never both!” Those kinds of “mutually exclusive” categorizations are optional.

    In the spells cast by the sorcerers of the USA, their curses are not curses. When someone is possessed by a living entity called cancer which spreads through their body and eats them alive, that is not mythology. That is a scientific fact because demonic possession by cancer is a central idea of mainstream demon worshipers.


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