lyrics: old boys


She said “I just want a man who agrees with me already,
so I don’t have to think or ever learn anything.
Please just re-assure me that I don’t need to change.
cause my head’s still spinning from a thousand days of rage.”

“If you slip up, (then) I’ll try to get you embarrassed.
I’ll just use some guilt and then blackmail your compliance.
If I think you see through me, then of course I will flee
as I accuse you of anything I pretend that I’m not doing
some women say “don’t tell our secrets”
we want our men to stay old boys.”
(but don’t they say as years go by:
“I just want a real man!”)
he said “I’ll give you a man who doesn’t beg for approval
I know what I want so are you in or out, dear?
I don’t mind explaining… at least some of the time
But if you don’t trust me, then why are you here?

I admit I’ve been naive and it could happen again
but I just keep on learning until I win my game
I’m not running from the past or daydreaming of heaven
and I respect my fears for they forged my faith


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