Inventing verbal dilemmas to confuse the masses

I have on occasion stated to various people that their use of language was imprecise in some way that could easily be altered (easily from my perspective). On that note, the frequent references by “spiritual people” to the word “illusion” are notable. What if reality is an all-inclusive category (so that rather than having several realities, there is just one) and one subcategory of reality is called “imagination” and another aspect of reality is called “language?”

All sorts of “nonsense dilemmas” that people relate to as important are actually a learning process involving language. The word “choice” and the word “pre-determination” are just two different filters or angles. There is no “conflict” between verbal categories. They either overlap a little, not at all, a lot, or whatever….

What about “EITHER choice OR free will?”

In chemistry, we do not talk about free will. But I might say “I am causing my fingers to move and to type these words.” How? Through chemistry and physics and so on.

Quantum physicists may re-introduce verbal categories like “choose” when they talk about something that they cannot predict. Since they can predict chemical reactions, they can call those “pre-determined.” Since they cannot predict when a volcano will erupt, they may say “ah, well that is up to the gods to choose.”

“What about EITHER love OR fear?”

Fear and love could be two exclusive and opposing categories, but so what? Most “new age” people are operating in a hysteria of “anti-fear fear” in which they pretend not to be terrified and anxious. However, by “pretending to be calm,” they may in fact be taking actions that contribute to a result of relaxation and calm. Brilliant!
They are so terrified with fear that they freeze (rather than flee or fight) and then they may even fake (present an insincere kindness that is actually just being polite and trying to avoid humiliation and punishment).

The idea of “choosing not to have fear” sounds like paranoia and shame to me. Fear is just a word for a biological process involving a sudden shift in conscious alertness- like I hear the fire alarm go off, so I examine the situation and flee to safety then call 911 because I am afraid of my house burning down.


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