From hysterical to hilarious in 6.18 seconds

Here is a context in language that I could call “monotheism.” An almighty singularity branches out and names some of the branches “separate individuals.” Of course, within that context, the Almighty also creates a drama of various branches who argue with each other and all sorts of other fun things, like one persona blaming other persona for the first one’s experience.

In other words, some branches repel certain other branches. Some intertwine for a while and then stop intertwining.

Plus, the branches of the Almighty include hard things like tree branches, but also softer things like grape vines and even the flight paths of butterflies. Everything that happens is “God’s Will.”

Again, that includes all the folks saying “there is no God” and “no, there IS a God!” and “I blame the devil” and so on, including: “The individual identity is false and delusional.”

It could all be hilarious if the reality of language is clear. Otherwise, it could all be a terror of hysteria.

“But tell me WHO is responsible? You need to tell me because if I know anything, it is that I know that I am not speaking the language of responsibility… and it is all your fault, too! You are trying to guilt trip me, aren’t you?!?!?!”


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