a metaphor about the Grace of an Almighty God

If God is Almighty, and we are each like branches of the Tree of God, then we are each an “activity of God.” If that were true, then what stages does God create in our lives?

There is an early stage of total naivete. Over time, God arranges it that we develop self-awareness and self-discipline. We may also develop the ability to “pretend not to be afraid when afraid” or to “pretend not to feel regret when feeling regret.” All of that is always the result of the will of God.

So, God arranges that we get “out of focus” (so afraid of being chastised for displaying fear that we suppress our ability to even recognize our own experience of fear- that repressed- that much chronic physical tension to block the muscles of crying in the neck and face and so on.) Through the motivation that results from being so “out of focus,” God further arranges that we may develop new focus.

Then, we can better perceive our own fright and fear and naivete and regret and panic etc. God arranges that some of us even welcome those “negative emotions” (at least in moderate doses) and experience a radical new thing called courage.

It is not the absence of fear. It is not repressing fear and shaming people who experience fear or display it. That is paranoia, hysteria, delusion, and cowardice.

Courage is being INTERESTED in fear and in precisely assessing danger, and then in taking action WITH an awareness of risk and danger and so on- and always knowing that our assessments and presumptions may need radical updating suddenly.

This is about something commonly called “grace.” We could say “being graceful.”

It is not the result of “focusing intent on being graceful.” God may arrange for us to talk a lot about grace and if so, great. But talking about it is not the same as experiencing it.

God may arrange for some of us to experience grace. It may even come and go quickly. However, in some cases, God arranges for a dramatic and lasting shift to grace.


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