The nature of governments is organized violence

What is the nature of governments? They are operations of organized violence.

A widely-recognized point of historical innovation was the Prophet Noah’s implicit declaration of war (on behalf of the Hebrew tribes) against the rest of humanity. The idea apparently was that “we, the elite, must establish court systems in order to govern all of humanity by force (or else an apocalyptic catastrophe worse than the recent Great Flood will wipe out all of humanity).”

This was distinct from the prior legal system internal to the Hebrew tribes. Noah’s declaration was basically “our group is the only rightful authority not only over our own 12 tribes as before, but now over all of humanity.” (That was in contrast to the time prior to Noah’s declaration of a Seventh commandment – “to establish courts of justice” – to add to the six that, according to Hebrew tradition, existed prior to Noah.)

However, we see similar declarations of universal or global authority in many places and times, such as the Holy Roman Empire’s declaration of global political domination in the 1400s. Empires are inherently “expansionist” systems. Isolationism is the exception (when two adjacent empires respect each other’s boundaries), not the standard in human history.

Later, by the time of Moses, (as recorded in the book of Numbers), the Hebrew tribes began their massacres and enslavements of neighboring tribes such as the Midianites. As for the various military campaigns of the Hebrew tribes in the last few thousand years, those are naturally not documented in the Bible.


However, there are many traditions that claim the ancient Hebrew prophet Abraham as a patriarch. One branch is the Holy Roman Empire and another set of branches would be the various Muslim empires.


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