On the myth of benign governments

  • Picture above: Phinehas (on the far right) is rewarded by Moses for killing a Hebrew man and Midianite woman who dared to have sex with each other. The reward: Phinehas and his descendents were given a covenant of an “everlasting priesthood.”  Moses is pictured in the center holding a stone tablet (the divine commandments) and on the left are some Hebrew men who were executed by hanging for the crimes of consorting with Moabite women (taking them as sexual partners/ wives).

    See Numbers, chapter 25 or http://www.barbaragriffiths.com/books-moses.php

    Have there ever been governments that were beneficial to “the people?” Of course, every government benefits certain people at the expense of others. Governments are systems of involuntary redistribution based on organized coercion (or even straight-forward slaughter, like what Moses led the “holy people” to do to the Midianites). (See Numbers, chapter 31.)
  • Imagine that in the late 1800s, the USA sends out an official to “negotiate a treaty” with the Apache tribe. The US ambassador brings 2,000 cavalry soldiers with them to the negotiation. They also bring the severed heads of some of the war chiefs of the neighboring tribes that the Apaches respect as “great warriors.”

    The ambassador says to the Apache, “Please stop looking at the severed heads. It is tragic that those people attacked our troops and so we had to defend ourselves. That is not why we are here today. Instead, look here on this piece of paper in my hand is the treaty that the Apache will be agreeing to. We need someone to volunteer to step forward as the chief of the Apache tribe in order to sign this document and present themselves as the official, legitimate authority to sign over all the claims that all the rest of the Apache have to these lands and to their own children and so on. Also, the volunteer to serve as chief for the signing will be rewarded with the 10 horses over there on the right, plus the 50 sheep on the left, plus the weapons and ammunition over there in that big pile.”









    Or, maybe the US ambassador does not reveal that the document is a treaty. Maybe they say that the document is some other agreement, then rely on the fact that the Apache people in general cannot read English.

  •  Governments regulate (ritualize) the behaviors of fraud and coercion and extortion and rituals of human sacrifice. For more background on that, see this video:

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