Returning to the alertness of a child

Whether “the world” happens to be “with you” or “against you” may be of little importance. If you are “against the world” or “for the world,” again that may be of no great importance.

However, when the mind is like that of a small child (clear, alert, open, curious, relaxed), some may call that “the narrow gate to the kingdom of heaven.” Some rather famous people seem to have considered that to be a very important detail.

In contrast, when the mind is pre-occupied with idealism about how people should be and how the world should not be and so on, that is “a busy mind.” That is also called “chronic tension” as in…. lasting distress.

Rebellion is over-rated. So is conformity.

There is no substitute for self-respect or self-discipline. You can’t get it from others (like from a social ritual). The only way to get back to the pure mind of a pure child is by repenting. Repenting can include acknowledging fright and worry and shame and all of the various repressions.

“To the pure, all things are pure. To the one who is already disturbed, the number of potential triggers is infinite (sparking contempt and distress and hysteria and so on).” – Titus 1:15 (more or less)



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