How much should you agonize about how to avoid disappointed expectations?

The idea that one would be better off completely avoiding disappointment is… delusional. Disappointment is an important part of the learning process.

Further, the idea that one has the capacity to prevent expectations is also delusional. We can say “I expect that once I completely prevent myself from having any expectations, then I will avoid disappoint.” However, that is an expectation (making it ironic) plus it is delusional and certainly will lead to disappointment and all of that is perfect.

The following ideas are some foundations of intelligence:

capacity to perceive
– to form sensations, to filter those sensations, to focus on particular data (like how the eyes can change focus between near and far objects), to organize the selected data, & form perceptions out of the sensory data

capacity to perceive contrasting qualities and form complex 3-dimensional patterns

capacity to perceive 4-dimensional patterns (patterns of change over time)

capacity to recognize a familiar sequence and project a possible future

capacity to experience confusion (or disappointment, etc) and recognize that a false presumption or misinterpretation has been made

capacity to re-calibrate based on identifying presumptions, questioning them, and then making new observations to refine the capacity for pattern recognition

(all of those lead to the capacity for language, which are symbolic sequences of sounds and/or of written shapes)

capacity to recognize symbolic patterns, such as this sequence of 2-dimensional shapes on a screen


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