Ancient Sumerians had “higher” technology than we do, but….

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn John, are you familiar with Lloyd Pye (or at least Z. Sitchin)?
  • John Mihelic No. I know someone who used to be a top level scientist associated with similar type projects. He corroborates some of what’s shared by this guy.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I am not aware of any actual scientific controversy on the issues addressed by Pye. As far as I know, there are people who are ignorant of the asertions, people who dismiss the assertions as being ultimately “too unfamiliar” (which does not count for me as a scientific controversy), and then people who are receptive to the evidence he presents.

    Allegedly, there are people who pick some detail and say things like “we would need more data on that particular point in order to conclusively test his assertions.” However, they tend to pick one point as “unestablished,” make no comment on anything else, and then flee from the issue rather than proceeed toward participating in additional study. In other words, they are withdrawing and looking for a convenient rationalization for their withdrawal.


  • J R Fibonacci Hunn My assertion is that anyone who even casually reviews the massive body of evidence currently available (even without considering the ancient Sumerian histories) will reach the same conclusions indicated in those documents. While I was somewhat disappointed to hear Michael Tellinger conclude one presentation I heard by trailing off in to irrelevant idealism about utopian political fantasies, his actual data seems to me quite convincing.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As a specific case, we have the “mainstream scientific” assertion of a “mystery” in regard to a massive genetic difference between humans and other primates. This “mystery” (as labeled in the title of the Discover Magazine article below) is very precisely addressed in the ancient Sumerian records and yet there is generally no reference to “the Sumerian explanation” by “mainstream science.”

    Why? Because mainstream science is not especially scientific, at least in certain cases. Further, considering the detail of “the Sumerian explanation,” it is understandable that most people flee from any public reference to a scientific study of the ultimate issues raised.…/the-mystery-of…/…


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