Everything is electromagnetic

  • Susan wrote: J R, can you explain (from an electrical magnetic standpoint) [what happens with a] physical injury due to impact ?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Susan, flesh is a group of cells and cells are composites of molecules, right? All molecules have electromagnetic bonds (with attraction between positive charge and negative charge). A saw cutting through wood or through flesh will be the same basic process either way, right?
    There are bonds and they can be broken (severed, disconnected, etc).

    So, this raises questions like “why do cells clump together and form tissues and organs? How do they get together and how do they stay together? Why don’t cells just slide off my arm from the force of gravity?”

    We can speculate that there are two basic issues that MIGHT keep tissues together. First is electromagnetic and the second is mechanical, like a mocule that is shaped like a hook might “lock” in to a molecule shaped like a loop (like imagine with velcro). However, even with the “mechanical” explanation, then the next question is why would a molecule have a rigid form of a hook? The answer goes back to the electromagnetic bonds of the molecule’s “chain” of atoms. So, if you are dealing with atoms or molecules, you cannot really get away from the basic issue of electromagnetism.

    I do not know how much detail you want, but the reality of cells is that we have an awful lot of material that is not cellular. That stuff is called the “extracellular matrix” by biologists.

    But all of that is relatively trivial to me. You can damage tissue with a saw, a hammer, a flame, or acid. I do know that many poisons (like from spiders or snakes etc) are acids, if not all of them.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In the case of a flame, the oxygen (O2) in the air combusts with “loose” hydrogen that gets ripped from other molecules, evenutally leaving behind only ashes. An electrical burn may not involve a freestanding flame (though electrical sparks are essentially just short-term flames), but the combustion of oxygen is still the same combusting (burning).

    To the best of my knowledge, it is a completely false premise to think of an electrical burn as fundamentally different from touching a hot stove or putting something in a microwave (or even an acid burn or sunburn). That gets back to the issue of why EMFs (wifi, cell phones) can be so damaging over long periods of time.

    How does a saw work? It creates very micro-scale friction (AKA burning), right? So, again, all the variations are fundamentally similar. Even if there is no oxygen in the air, you might have heard about oxygen being important within cells, so I don’t think that just because you are high up on a mountain with lower levels of oxygen, a lightning bolt cannot burn you. You bring plenty of oxygen with you even underwater just in your own tissues and cells. If lightning strikes a pond while you are in it, you can be burnt to death from the inside out (AKA “fried”).



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