promoting health or… agonizing about health?

  • Sam wrote:
    So if alkalinity is the key to reducing inflammation and illness then are not meats…eggs….milk….all acidic foods??? And fruits and veggies are alkaline foods??? So how would that work??

  • Sam, if you suspect that you are having an unfavorable reaction to any food, then stop eating it, at least temporarily. As for inflammation, it is an electromagnetic effect (a charge imbalance). You need electrons in order to restore the proper charge and correct the inflammation (the burning).

    If the inflammation is very contained, like a little sunburn on your shoulders, then something topical like baking soda paste or aloe vera gel is relevant. For most people today, they have extreme systemic inflammation (electromagnetic imbalance) and need to ground themselves to the earth.

    Most people have massive deficiencies of electrons and only after weeks or even months of resumed contact with the earth (like at least 12 hours a day), will their “allergies” (inflammatory repsonses) begin to disappear. You can construct your own “grounding device” for under $20. I show how in this video (though I now recommend that people use UNinsulated wires for greater surface area contact):

    DIY grounding demonstration: the wires I put in my wall…
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn To promote health, I recommend that people focus more on electromagnetic balance (grounding/ pH/ voltage, etc), on proper breathing (that could be another thread, but mostly is just slowing down your breathing by about 1/2 of the normal pace for most people), on proper hydration (not just Reverse Osmosis water, but that is a good start), and proper SLEEP (which requires attention to issues like exposure to visible light and EMF exposure from cell phones and wifi and regular household electrical flows).

    Organisms who have major problems in those realms will die in seconds, minutes, hours, or weeks. Much less important to me (once the main “poisons” are removed from someone’s diet) is nutrition, including things like the use of iodine “supplementation” on the skin.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So if one is operating from the logic I present above, the most important “nutrient” BY FAR is water. What foods have lots of moisture? Lots of them.

    Raw meat has much more water than cooked meat (which is dehydrated by heat). Raw fruit has much more water th
    an cooked fruit (which is dehydrated by heat). Notice a pattern there yet? (Of course, if you are steaming some veggies, that adds moisture.)

    So, if someone eats 4 ounces of juice from raw calf liver every morning and 8 ounces of raw celery juice every night (like in the classic Gerson method to “cure cancer”), is all of that enough daily hydration? It might be enough to survive- much better than none- but nowhere close to optimal.

    If you have done nutrition “poorly” for decades and are still alive, that is a sign that it is not an URGENT matter for you. Maybe it is a good investment for someone to explore improving nutrition, but keep it all in perspective.

    Agonizing is totally optional- which is easy to say. I consider it a signal of distress. If agonizing can help you to withdraw from interacting with an incompetent specialist (or to remain withdrawn), that is good. Beyond that temporary benefit, agonizing may be of little benefit.

    Let it frighten off those who do not care or are incompetent to help. Be grateful for it’s purpose and value. When that value is fulfilled, other patterns of activi56ty are relevant becasue the behavioral pattern of agonizing.


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