Nutrition: a secondary source of hydration and electrons

I begin by continuing a few lines from the prior exchange:

Let me focus on simple matters for a moment that will not be in a realm that confuses you. This will promote clarity and wisdom.

Electrical charge is important. Too much of certain charges can instantly kill any organism.

Also, electrical charge is what produces every “action” you experience, such as allowing your eyes to see this screen, my fingers to type out these letters, and hurricanes to form and create wind and so on.

Below are examples of what an electrical vortex can produce:

In regard to tornadoes, note that water conducts electricity and also that a spinning vortex of water creates a magnetic field. Why does water (including in a tornado) spin in a different rotation in the Northern Hemisphere compared to the Southern Hemisphere? Because of electromagnetics.

So, the above information is incomplete. The “funnel” is an electromagnetic vortex (like a whirlpool or water flowing out of a sink). Only in the proper electromagnetic situation (which PRODUCES a stormcloud) will hot and warm air make a tornado (like shown in the over-simplified info above).

Humidity and temperature variation are simply not enough. The real primary issue is electromagnetic charge.

To have a tornado, we need the presence of water, air, and earth, plus the electromagnetic imbalances between those 3 “substances.” Temperature imbalances can be created by the presence of the other 4 factors.




  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Back to the basics, it is useful to think of energy as fundamental and matter (as in solid food, liquids, etc) as stable concentrations of energy. Baking soda is a pretty simple molecule (compared to a fatty acid chain or a carbohydrate fiber).

    So, with concentrations of energy, sometimes it is very easy to access that energy and sometimes the energy is in a complex form that is very stable relative to “highly reactive” forms. Baking soda “has a loosely-bonded electron just hanging right out.” That means it produces a very gentle electrical reaction very easily.

    In contrast, if you take some whale oil, it takes a lot to spark a release of the energy. You need a flame to burn the whale oil (like in a lamp) or a very complex metabolic process to convert the oil in to lots of something called ATP (through ketogenic metabolism). ATP is highly reactive, like even moreso than baking soda.

    From fat or carbs, animals can get ATP and then get one electron from each molecule of ATP. That is a “very inefficient” way to go (even though ketosis is WAY more efficient than “anaerobic metabolism of carbs”).

    A much more efficient way to produce energy (than ATP) is PPP. Any geeks can look that up and find out what I mean.

    Ultimately, the issue is always electrons and protons. Another issue is storage and release of those electrons and protons (the electricity or electromagnetic “power”) in specific ways.

    So, if you want a “burst” of energy, baking soda is not the way to go. Fats are great ways to store energy and then release it pretty suddenly.

    If you want to promote alkalinity in general in an organism, that means increasing the balance of electrons (relative to protons). Different cells and tissues SHOULD have different electromagnetic balances. The brain (and heart) create powerful electromagnetic fields and they should. Note that “totally neutral” is basically “dead.”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What is the best way to promote proper electromagnetic charge in an organism? Contact with the earth (electromagnetically). There is no replacement for that.

    Wearing rubber-soled shoes and living in structures that disconnect us from the vast supply of electrons of the earth is “unhealthy.” Those practices are okay occasionally, but not constantly. We need to “recharge” our electron balance.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Keep in mind that plants make stable forms of energy (that can be stored like a battery) because of water hitting sunlight. The plants also get electrons from their roots (the earth) or from whatever else they are touching (like from the air or in the case of algae from the sea water).

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If you do not have proper hydration (where most of the electrical charge in your body should be stored), that is not something that fat or carbs will fix. To have proper energy, you need charge (electrons), some form of insulation (cell walls with healthy fat- which your body can manufacture), and some medium for storing the charge (INTRAcellular water). You need to make lots of little “battery cells.”

      Anyone who is asking about “getting more alkaline” and “should I eat baking soda” is a long way from the most direct approach. AV [Aajonus Vanderplanitz, a recently deceased nutritional consultant] may have dismissed certain methods or issues not as totally ineffective but simply as inefficient and distracting.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Further, there is only so much that he understood. Not only do you need to be able to store charge (in “battery” cells of liquid crystal water), but you also need to be able to generate sudden bursts of charge. In other words, ketogenic metablism is also important. It is just not as important if someone is dead from lack of hydration (or from a lightning bolt).
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn There are some ancient manuscripts that contain suggestions like “do not worry about what you should eat.” That is not the same as “be inattentive.” That is just “do not agonize over it.” Do not make it in to an issue to blindly worship and stress out about.

      If you trust someone who tells you “never eat ______” and always eat ____ first thing in the morning,” so be it. Be cautious about who you trust though. Confidence and popularity are not the same as intelligence or accuracy or relevance, right? (See Luke 7:7.)

      Caution or alertness are not agonizing. If you are interested in interacting with a competent specialist, it may be relevant to have something to offer them in exchange for their time and expertise.


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