Gruesome pictures of Ebola victims? Sorry, but no….

Add to this, where are all the phone pics of bloody victims? Africans all have phone cameras. We are a fully wireless world. If people were really dying of Ebola, it’s much worse than vomit and diarrhea….the link I posted earlier about the Ebola test (created by Nobel prize winner who describes it’s short comings) is hardly reliable….so….in the absence of actual evidence, the US is now doing a PR campaign to convince people? I would think dead people would be more than sufficient….unless they haven’t died from Ebola….

If Ebola is so real that people are dropping dead in the streets left and right in…
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  • Valerie Frydrych Pearcy I have some faith in Doctors Without Borders, an organization whose agenda seems pure.
  • Lisa Merrai Labon How did they earn your faith?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I think that she means that they seem sincere.
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  • Valerie Frydrych Pearcy Maybe respect is a better word. All they seen to do is pretty selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to help others. I find that admirable. I’m not saying I don’t have criticism of some of the official handling and fear-mongering, but I have followed DWB for enough time that they have earned some of my respect, as do most who run head-first into danger.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In my studies of mainstream media and my work in that field, I consider anything that gets heavy emphasis from the mainstream media to be worthy of an extra dose of skepticism.…/hysterias-hoaxes-humor/

    Bob wrote that “Ebola is a hoax.” He was joking. He was making fun of hysteria. Ebola is not a hoax. It is a real…
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer JRF- lost me 2/3 in so I went back and started over. This sounds like the attractive but perhaps incomplete notion that if we all just meditate and breathe deeply, all will be healed. Too much “Intention Experient”, etc thinking to be useful
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  • Lisa Merrai Labon Where are the pics? When I was little, there was a relatively small but deadly outbreak in Africa and a documentary news show went in with health workers to show how victims suffered….It stayed with me. It was the most horrific thing I’d seen. I’ve seen zero evidence in our media saturated world of Ebola….we’re taking everything on faith now?
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Gincy, intention is generally irrelevant to biochemists. If a human is kept underwater for ten minutes with no access to oxygen, that always affects the functioning of the brain, right? Hyperventilating also always affects the functioning of the brain, right?

    Most people (around 90% according to the research that I have read) have deficiencies of oxygen in their brain cells. This is very easy to resolve. There are many testimonials and research papers on the methods used and the results produced.

    But if it is your intention to avoid health, then intention does matter. Most people are too terrified of learning something new to explore any established science that could result in the experience of humility.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Breathing poorly (like heavy mouth breathing) always compromises health. If that sounds radical to someone, so be it.
  • Lisa Merrai Labon J R, you’re correct. My husband has been researching proper breathing for exercise and I have trained in pranayama….it seems silly at first but it’s profoundly vital to overall health and consequently brain function. And fear definitely constricts breathing. I’m going to do some pranayama now
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer No no, I embrace all of that for health. I also believe that our immune system is greatly strengthened by both meditation and deep breathing. I am totally on board for all of that. And I love reading about the new possibilities to health implied by this and exploring quantum physics. There still seems to be some disconnect between both theory and practice of all of this and the reality of what’s happening with this virus. Where does the rubber really meet the road? It’s like observing the tornado’s tendency to hit a trailer park: are trailer parks built in areas no one else wants because they are established danger zones? Are tornadoes created by or augmented by or attracted to places full of poverty and despair? Some combination of this? How much does our belief and intention affect reality; how much do others’ beliefs and intentions affect my personal reality, how much is physics apart from belief and intention, if any? Most importantly, can we affirm life and peace in the face of this particular instance (Ebola) in a way that protects us from it?
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  • Lisa Merrai Labon I agree Ginc. I have been struggling with anger about the hype and (what I perceive as) intentional mass fear hypnosis….but I know that doesn’t do much other than prime me to take action….so in the vein of “what shall I do?” I take various proven mushroom sups bc they are nature’s anti bac/viral antidote, I relish in nature (my church) and meditate to reconnect. I love what you said recently, Ginc about sense of “God” being our feelings of connection….was it a CS Lewis quote? I wish I could see all the holes/misinformation/lies/hype as just incompetence….
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer Oh dear of course I don’t remember what you are talking about; CS Lewis is ringing a bell but I have read so much of him and can’t remember context to pin it down!
  • Anne Sadove Clarke What would it take for you to believe something, Lisa?
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer Anne I was just thinking of you!!!
  • Lisa Merrai Labon What do you think I should believe Anne?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn There are many kinds of breathing exercises (including within the realm of pranayama). Exactly one detail / issue is what raises oxygen levels in the brain cells.

    aerobic exercise USES UP oxygen. That is why it is called aerobic. People may think that is always good, but if they do not replenish the oxygen, using up a lot of oxygen might not be as good as they hoped.

  • Lisa Merrai Labon If I had a motto it would be “question everything.” That has saved my life several times….it has helped those I love more than passive faith….I don’t doubt faith is powerful alone for some but that is not the reflex I was born with….I have faith only after I’ve grounded in my own heart and used my gray matter as much as I am capable….I feel like we have these tools for a reason.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for the “religious” devotion to deep breathing, that is usually presented in contrast to a panic of shallow hyperventilating. However, one can hyperventilate even when breathing deeply. Depth is not the issue I am referencing, but people keep bringing that up like it is the issue.

    I assume that no one is really interested in the actual data because there is a lot of “yes, I already know all about that.” Really? Do you?


    Maybe you already know all that you are already comfortable knowing.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn If there is a “disconnect” between your theory and your practice, then maybe it is time to be open to new “theories” (research that is new to you even if it is rather old) and “new” practices.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Gincy, be aware that I am only “teasing” you because I know that you are interested. You read some geeky article 2/3 through and then once again, right?

    I get that you do embrace things once you understand them. I just am clear that you do not understand certain things yet.

  • Lisa Merrai Labon JR, these are all some my closest friends (IRL). I think they are trying to stay true to the original post. You are welcome to share your breathing article on my wall….I think it’s hard to see how it’s directly relevant unless you think the reason for mass fear hypnosis is lack of proper breathing on the part of the prez, CDC and all the NGOs getting paid millions to inject mystery concoctions into African test subjects….something they all have done for decades….
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer Thanks Lisa, but I am ok and enjoying JR- I do know that I don’t know much! That much, I am sure of.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “Closet” friends, Lisa? Now I am really interested!
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  • Gincy Carrington Plummer And I didn’t mean to be glib about the other and/or imply I know all about it- I am famously bad at applying what little I do know. But I am interested in the breathing for healing at a personal level, and I also interested in what ever we can do do prevent both hysteria and actual spread of Ebola. Deep breathing can’t hurt!
  • Gincy Carrington Plummer And gee Lisa I am honored:-)
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Lisa, I think you mean the other “dialogue” article with the point about “here is what really happens when the placebo effect works.” I Would be happy to post it here in this thread, but for me to just post it on your wall without any introduction to the topic would seem rather… weird. (You can post it for me though!)
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Also, since it is mostly just a facebook thread like this one, it has a certain “pace” that is quite casual. It does reference intriguing points like the fact that simply by changing breathing patterns, people can change their metabolism and lose weight (or gain weight), which is kind of a “headline” kind of detail… but it seems kind of spammy to present it that way.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Here is the article that I think Lisa was referencing (and it has comments about promoting health in general, about weight-loss through altered breathing, and about when the placebo effect works and when it does not):…/how-to-ward-off…/

    I bet you know the word hyperventilation but not the…
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Gincy, the thing about deep breathing is that when people say deep, they usually mean “long, slow, and deep.” That is very distinct from fast and deep, like the “fire breathing” exercises from pranayama and martial arts, which are very arousing- the opposite of a calming breath. I keep referencing breathing methods which calm the nervous system. Again, depth of breath may or may not be favorable or unfavorable depending on what specific outcome is the target.


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