How to ward off “demonic” attacks of panic… by slowing down your breath

I bet you know the word hyperventilation but not the word hypoxia. Basically, the vast majority of people that we know have a brain that is usually starving for oxygen (because of chronic hyperventilation). Hypoxia means, basically, starving for oxygen.

Many people are familiar with acute hyperventilation (as in a “panic attack” or “asthma attack”). Chronic hyperventilation is typical in a modern population (over 90% of people experience chronic hypoxia).

Most of us breath about twice as much as would be considered “normal” or “healthy.” That “over-breathing” (such as “apnea”) causes CO2 levels in the bloodstream to collapse, which prevents the right amount of oxygen from getting out of the bloodstream and in to the cells.

That is… very bad. It is like a constant state of a mild panic attack… like a borderline panic (or anxiety / hysteria) that is always just a few seconds away from serious neurological chaos.

Concentration plunges. Anxiety and irritability rockets. Cognition “stalls.” In extreme cases of sleep apnea, oxygen levels get so low that the brain interrupts the sleep to wake up the organism so as to slow down the constant gasping (and keep the organism from dying).

These effects have been documented for a very long time, but in the US the health care business is not set up to promote health inexpensively. Government regulations protect the immense profit of the “disease management” industry from the threat of inexpensive methods to promote health.

The solution to chronic hyperventilation & hypoxia is simply to slow down breathing. There are a variety of devices (such as masks) and exercises to assist, but they all slow down the breath (to increase CO2 levels in the blood and thus increase O2 levels in the cells).

  • Dustin Johnson breathe slowly and carry a big stick, i always say
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Definition of hypoxia in the Medical Dictionary by The Free Dictionary
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “Joan Rivers died of brain damage from low blood oxygen during a medical procedure “…/joan-rivers-cause-of-death…/353236/

    Autopsy results were released Wednesday on the…
  • Essence Nei Jia Many have a stiff and immobile diaphragm that inhibits deep breathing and proper oxygenation in the modern world.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The problem that most people have is not about getting adequate oxygen. Shallow, slow breathing is a great intervention for the kind of chronic hypoxia that I am referencing.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Even holding the breath for 5 to 10 seconds between breaths will do the trick.
  • Essence Nei Jia Do you have expertise in this field?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn All you have to do to be an expert in this “field” is to hyperventilate for a few minutes (if you last that long) and notice the immediate effects of that, then do the opposite behavior for a few minutes (a moderate reduction in the volume of breathing, like by one half of what would be typical for you) and notice the effect of that.
  • Daniel Fritschler “What is it with people who need expertise or valid language sources to consider the way somebody else uses language or the ideas thereof? Are most of us really that arrogant that we only want to consider ideas and language from so called experts?”

    Mr. Humility himself

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn FYI, Dan, I did not take the question as a criticism. Yes, my response contained sarcasm, but no big deal for me, right?
  • Daniel Fritschler Yes but I was referring more to rage debate shenanigans and I may have even been joking or using sarcasm myself. Sorry for the confussionism…so I will blow it out my ass and C my way out of here
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Here is a small clinical trial from 1991 in which 100% of the participants (all AIDS/HIV+ patients) experienced dramatic improvements in their health including the disappearance of acute depression.…

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn More testimonials:

    Application of respiratory techniques with focus on the performance of Frolov’s Respiration Training Device, which is meant to practice breathing exercises in order to fight asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, hypoxia, asphyxia, suffocation, short breath, and some others.
  • Daniel Fritschler Wait a minute is that even a valid source? Didn’t the Senate pass a bill last year that said all Commies opinions will no longer be valid if used or typed from a Facebook user on American soil? Bill JC666 I think but I may have that part wrong
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Sorry, but that study was from the Ukraine, so unless you are calling that American soil….
  • Daniel Fritschler Damn!?!?! talk about being RED in the face…. My apologies
  • Kalen Beattie I’ve heard people talk about breathing so your stomach rises rather than your chest, is that necessary and if so, do you know why?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Kalen, that is a completely different issue: using the maximum capacity of your lungs. The focus here is strictly about oxygenation of the cells (getting oxygen in to the cells).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn To have “normal” brain function, many things are required, for instance: LOTS of electrons, oxygen in the cells (not just oxygen in the lungs or in the bloodstream!), hydration in the cells (not just irrigation outside of the cells!), and finally the fatty acid DHA (which is the only real dietary factor but not as much as you might think because humans also manufacture it).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Actually, Kalen, now that I think about it, there is a connection in regard to the issue you raised. Most people are chest-breathers, but that is BECAUSE they are chronic hyperventilaters.

    It is easy enough to breath instead “in to the stomach” or even to “fill” both the stomach and the chest. However, if that is done rapidly, that only makes the symptoms of the hyperventilation more severe than with the more “shallow” breathing of the chest only.

  • Kalen Beattie Interesting. I often forget to breath correctly; maybe I need a tattoo or big sign in my wall that says, “breath slower yah goof!”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Danny S. actually shared this video with me today which is a bit long but very related to this post. This MD talks about how ketosis is important as well as why oysters are much better than something like grassfed beef.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn One of the devices frequently referenced in the links of this thread is a $30-$50 device to use for increasing the CO2 levels in the blood. However, even the cheapest little “white medical mask” (like from a dentist’s office) will also work, just not as well.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn And of course the most classic intervention to interrupt hypoxic hyperventilation is… breathing in and out of a small brown paper bag. That is how easy it is to raise CO2 levels in the bloodstream. Just breath back in your own exhalation.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Kalen & Essence, here is a quote relevant to prior questions:

    “Chest breathing is the mechanical ramification of over breathing. Breathslim [a fancy $30 “brown paper bag”] strengthens your belly breathing muscles so effectively that most patients are able to reverse years of habitual chest breathing within a month.”


    Frolov Respiratory Training Device, breathing and…
  • Kalen Beattie Thanks J R, I’ll probably get one of these.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I continued the themes of this post and bridged them with some even more basic concepts of language and physics here:…/hysterias-hoaxes-humor/

    Bob wrote that “Ebola is a hoax.” He was joking. He was making fun of hysteria. Ebola is not a hoax. It is a real…
  • Kalen Beattie I read some of it J R, very enlightening, your use of language helps me grasp these topics and ideas well. The part about the placebo effect I found to be profound.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yeah, I just slipped that reference in there even though it was somewhat off-topic from my original intent, but not really, right? The background issue is that people may be more interested in social approval or supporting a particular theory that is familiar to them… than interested in promoting health.

    You see the exact same thing amongst the AV [Aajonus Vanderplanitz] “ultra-loyalists.” Most people are so hampered by social hysterias that it compromises their cognitive capacity to recognize simple principles.

    I occasionally present a “conspiracy theorist” idea that the elite (or CIA, KGB, etc) plan that mainstream medicine be regulated in a way that keeps the health of the masses within a certain range- not too low and not too high. However, the conspiracy aspect is mostly trivia. What matters most is how to improve health. For some people, to vent contempt and rage is also healthy, so in those cases it can be more relevant to reference conspiracy theories amongst select audiences.

    I do not think that AV was a CIA “asset.” I think he was sincere and just unaware of certain principles of physics. He observed amazing results in numerous cases and may not have known why the same methods worked differently in different cases.

    However, his lack of attention to language or apparent lack of emotional development in regard to not taking political wars so personally was a drawback. I think he was sincere and insightful within his specialization.

    Jack Kruse, MD (who is in one of the videos above) did a demonstration to show how the ketogenic diet enthusiasts are too focused on diet and not enough on health, in his opinion. He had two periods of time in which he had the exact same diet (like for several months) along with no change in exercise, but he intentionally varied the CO2 in his bloodstream for long periods of time.

    The difference was that with hypoxia (too little oxygen from too much CO2), he gained significant weight. Diet is not the only determinant of metabolism. Jack is also famous for manipulating metabolism through things like cold, lgiht, and EMFs (like from wifi and cell phones). He has a tendency to use language “inefficiently”, but he his is “a real scientist” and a holist. He’s very excited about what he is in to and naturally there are other issues which he seems not to be as familiar with.

    Anyway, metabolism and mitochondrial efficiency are a big deal, but diet is not the only factor. If the energy available form diet cannot be used, it is like having a battery available but not being plugged in to it (disconnected).

    For people with horrible diets, it makes sense to transitionally focus on improving diet, but that does not exclude other influences. The spirit of exploration and experimentation tends to result in learning. We can all relate to that, right?


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