More on the simplicity of cancer and electrical charge (pH/acidity/alkalinity)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn To clarify, dietary changes can be entirely sufficient to stop producing the effect of cancer in many cases. However, the most common cause of cancer are electrically conductive root canals (capped with dental fillings made of mercury, gold, silver, etc) that “bleed electrons” out of specific areas in the interior of a body.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn No matter how much benefit arsises from raising pH through diet, replacing conductive fillings with porcelain fillings will universally improve health (whether or not cancer has been diagnosed). However, that can cost thousands of dollars.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The most abundant supply of electrons is the planet itself. By electrically insulating ourselves from the planet (using rubber-soled shoes etc), modern humans have cut themselves off from “being grounded” to the earth. That means that we cannot access electrons directly from the earth, so static electrical charge can build up and will suddenly shock us if we touch a metal doorknob that is grounded to the earth. (If you regulary “get shocked” by a doorknob, then that means you have a recurring issue with imbalanced electromagnetic charge).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn An excess of protons can be measured as acidity (in liquids) and also as “positive charge” in volts or millivolts. By touching the earth directly (or connecting electrically through a grounding wire, hugging a tree, etc), than anyone with a relative excess of protons will magnetically draw electrons from the earth in to the body, bringing the body as a whole toward the same pH / charge as the surface of the earth, which is around 7.35 – 7.4 pH.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn However, that does not mean that urine or stomach acid (!) should have that same pH. Living things must have the capacity to hold a charge (to insulate electromagnetic charges in the interior of a “cell”). Intracellular charge should not be the same as intercellular charge. That condition is called “death.”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The letters pH stand for “potential hydrogen” and refer specifically to the relative abundance of hydrogen atoms with exactly one excess electron (a “negative ion of hydrogen”). When pH is low (acidic), that means that there are very few unbonded electrons available for chemical reactions (or how big the demand is for unbonded electrons). When pH is high (alkaline), the pH number (pH of 8.2, or of 10.5 etc), that number indicates the relative abundance of charged ions of hydrogen.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In other words, pH measures electrical potential AKA electromagnetic charge. If the pH of an entire body is way too high, that is also bad- but is also easily corrected by maintaining physical contact with the earth. Touching the earth always brings us back toward the small negative charge of the earth (pH close to 7.375). Touching anything that makes your hair spread out in to the air is creating a huge “bleed” of electrons from your body, causing your voltage to soar so far away from normal that your hair pulls electrons out of the air (like lightning).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn We need an overall charge similar to the charge of the surface of the earth (which has apparently been pretty consistent for the last several million years). We also need both acidity (like to digest proteins) and alkalinity (like to neutralize the acids for digesting proteins). So, the human body makes HCl (hydrochloric acid) as well as baking soda (for alkalinity).

    In the image below, NaHCO3 (at the bottom left) refers to what is otherwise known as baking soda:


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