Is cancer a living demon that possesses cells?

VS asked: …Do cancers feed on protein? Does this idea not apply to raw protein? I know sugars feed cancer.

SC: Sugars, lack of oxygen, glutamate and acidity all feed cancer. This is why I question the balance of it all. One says that being too alkaline is too “yin” but it’s good for starving cancer cells. However, in order to digest protein, one needs more acid, which I assume is more “yang.”

JR: the issue of the low pH of stomach acid (to digest protein) is completely distinct from overall pH or pH in a particular part of the body where there might be the physiological effect/ process called “cancer.”

It is like saying “blood and urine should have liquid in it but not so much that you drown.” Acidity in the stomach and overall pH are very, very different issues.

SC: Yes, J R, I am aware of this fact. However, what one consumes will either lower or raise the pH of the stomach as well as the body itself.

Also, I’m not on this forum for any type of contention. I don’t find your analogy to be of any relevance. Thank you.

JR: SC,  maybe you are open to learning and maybe not. If you do not understand what pH measures, then my comments may seem irrelevant or even threatening. pH is simply a measure of electromagnetic charge (which comes down to the number of electrons relative to protons).

Consider the idea that cancer is a label for an effect of prolonged acidity in a particular tissue / area. It is “localized” (like arthritis).

Reducing the pH of a skin tumor reverses the process called cancer. Injecting an alkaline solution in to the area of a tumor does too. This article covers a lot of what VS referenced:

More on the use of slight alkalinity (baking soda) to reverse cancer:

As for the idea that cancer is a living thing that feeds on protein, I do not acccept those presumptions. Cancer is just a label for the natural result of prolonged localized acidity in any living tissue.

So, it is common to say things like “oxygen feeds a fire.” However, to mix metaphors and ask if fires like to eat protein is “inattentive language.”

Eating sugar can “feed” cancer in the general sense. However, it is helpful to be calmly attentive to our language. It is not as if we must hysterically avoid proteins because proteins contain amino acids and “I read that acidity is bad and car battery acid can burn your skin.”

That is misunderstanding the simplicity of the issues. Acidity is not something to avoid hysterically “no matter what because it leads to cancer.” For someone who understands clearly what cancer is, it is is easy to treat. It is also easy to alter pH (and that is why it is easy to treat the natural result of prolonged localized low pH… AKA “cancer”).

Did I “oversimplify” in my comments? Yes. When people are confused about little details, it can be useful to “zoom out.”

SC: J R, an old Chinese proverb says, “you can catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” Your assumptions of me, as I stated, are irrelevant and all the information that you have supplied, I am aware of. Have a nice day and may you continue to be blessed.
JR: I do not recall stating any presumptions about you, SC. If you presumed that you were a fly that I was trying to catch, you might be wrong.

For those that think of cancer cells as “the source of a problem,” there can be a hysteria about cancer. But “cancer cells” are just regular cells that stopped behaving “normally” and for very specific reasons. Cancer is a symptom, not a cause.

So, to me, the best way to respond to the effect called cancer is to know how to produce it and then stop producing it. Also, the assumption that diet is the primary cause of the effect called cancer does not explain why cancer shows up only in certain places/ areas of the body.

Is skin cancer caused by one dietary factor and breast cancer by another? No. Diet is not the primary issue at all.

However, can dietary changes “make a difference?” Yes, and so can many other things- some much more effective than drinking “baking soda tea.”

(For more info, ask me.)


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