a mindful approach to promoting health

  • Valerie Steinfeld JR, what I grok from your words is that balance is the key. If one’s system is out of balance one is subject to “dis” ease. This is affected by many things…diet being one of them. Habits that are optimum as a base for everyone include adequate sleep, clean water, fresh foods, clean air, exercise, contact with earth, good communication with self and others, tolerance….In your own personal day to day experience, what habits create the best balance for you? How do you specifically employ all the ideas you are sharing with us to yourself in a real and tangible way daily?
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I could say that “mindfulness is the key.” My standard recommendations to “most people” are #1 slow down your breathing to increase the CO2 levels in your blood (which will increase oxygen to the brain). I slow my breath as a routine most every time that I lay down (and I tend to lay down briefly several times a day if possible). I know about that and (several other methods I like) specifically because of this group in general and Max Smile in particular.

    Next is that I stay grounded almost all the time (and always while sleeping/resting), usually through copper wires. I also use a very specific product for hydration (see link).


  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I will not detail diet here in depth, Valerie, but I do have a “mixed” adherence to the primal diet and related ideas of [Aajonus Vanderplantiz] – sometimes more WAPF [Weston A. Price Foundation], sometimes more “paleo,” etc….

    I also have been using Iodine on my skin daily. Because of Barry Soetoro and other facebook interactions (on and off this group), I am considering a conservative experiment with using iodine orally. What I learned recently is that if I was also taking Selenium, then my some of biggest concerns regarding oral consumption of dilluted iodine (like heavy detoxes of Flourine or Chlorine) are a non-issue.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn A newer thing is that I regularly (a few times a week) put my feet in very cold water for 15-30 minutes (lately, usually while watching football games on TV). If someone wants to learn why, they can research “cold thermogenesis” or “Wim Hof Ted talk.”


  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, with mindfulness comes a clear awareness of priorities. For instance, you cannot replace breathing with diet. You either breathe or you die. Diet is irrelevant if there is no respiration.

    So, I assess a set of possible targets of focus and then I go down my list. I do not have a comprehensive routine that I rigidly follow in a perfectionist paranoia of hysterical panicking. I have a set of priorities that I frequently review, explore, and re-prioritize. Some of the practices, like keeping grounding wires at the bed, have become a routine and others, like eating “high meat,” I do quite sporadically.

    A huge factor in the “randomness” of what I do when is my wife. We do some things together and then some things I tend to do when she is away, like for most of a day (like eating “high meat”). I almost never think of “high meat” except on weekend mornings, so it is not exactly random, but certainly not a routine.


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