From “something is wrong” to “someone is wrong” (Justice!)

Robert wrote: “[Is the US on “the right side of justice” in Ukraine?] …I’m more and more convinced that politics is a form of religion. You just get married to a particular religion, and then all the other ones suck. And then you hang onto your own version of the truth as though it gives you some sort of purity….

I know that nations go to war over resources and economic issues, but not over ideology. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because the US was squeezing them on natural resources needed for their adventures in China and elsewhere. But they didn’t attack us over some abstract political idea.”

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn It can be challenging to have a mature conversation with anyone who has strong emotional charges relating to some subject or some idea. Emotional charges are, in many cases, designed and programmed.

    People tend not to understand the origin of the word justice (or be familiar with the goddess Justitia, etc). They do not understand the basics of how the political conquests of the ancient Hebrew tribes (like the slaughter of the Midianites as reported in Numbers 31) are the direct ancestors of many aspects of modern civilization.

    For instance, many people think of western medicine as a discipline within science rather than as a religion. While science is used in western medicine, there has been immense resistance in modern medicine to uncontroversial science at least as old as the 19th century.

    However, when money and politics make a particular scientific principle (or evidence) “incorrect,” then it is marginalized. Further, when hysterical ideas like “cholesterol is dangerous” are recognized as profitable, they are massively publicized without regard for the total lack of science establishing cholesterol as a cause of health issues.

    Cholesterol is sent to repair damage. The correlation between high levels of cholesterol near tissues that are unhealthy is in no way evidence of cholesterol causing illness.

    It is like saying that the presence of firetrucks causes fires. Removing the firetrucks does not reduce the risk of new fires or the severity of old fires. Likewise, impairing the liver’s production of cholesterol is not healthy. That idea is incredible.

    However, the lobbyists for anti-cholesterol medications are not interested in science, but profits. Likewise, when the mainstream media in the US repeatedly asserts that our Nazi enemies committed genocide, but makes no mention of any genocides in Ukraine by our Soviet allies, one might wonder if they are in the business of unbiased reporting or the business of bias.

    There is no such thing as an unbiased media or an unbiased school. The idea that “bias” is somehow “to be avoided” is an indication of a particular religious belief system. The idea of “no bias” is kind of like the idea of “take a picture of your house without facing in any single direction… so you avoid having only a limited point of view in any particular photograph.”

    The reality is that we are in the midst of a religion that systematically excludes certain biases while promoting the idea that “being unbiased” is not only possible but favorable. In a way, it is a genius method of psychological warfare.

  • Robert Q. Riley JR would you mind saying that again, but a little differently? What the hell do firetrucks have to do with justice?
  • Dan Burger I like red firetrucks, I do not like yellow firetrucks. I’m pretty sure the yellow firetrucks start fires, and the red firetrucks put fires out.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What does justice mean? How can you measure it? What is the “right side” of it?

    Are you asserting, Robert, that it is NOT just “some abstract political slogan?” Why do Republicans and Democrats both scream for justice but [reference] two contradictory [outcomes with] the same word?

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Justice has always been a word that refers to the declarations of the ruler (like the officiating warlord of a particular court). Justice is a social construct.

      When Oliver North and Caspar Weinberger and Marc Rich all break a long list of laws in the US, then justice is that there is a US criminal prosecution of them [through the Department of JUSTICE].

      However, it is still “justice” for a US president to reverse or prevent a criminal prosecution. President G.H.W. Bush and President Clinton were not “obstructing justice” when they pardoned the Iran-contra law breakers. Their legal actions were still the legal process called “justice.”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn To me, all the confusion and interest in these kinds of debates (from a mode of antagonistic arguing) is a sign of a kind of immaturity. People begin with an “amygdala reflex” of stress hormones [that I call] a panic of upset, then say fascinating things like “something is wrong here” (a problem) and then “someone is wrong here” (the villain) and it “goes downhill rapidly from there.”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn  Dan, a great analogy with the LDL and HDL cholesterol is that fire trucks with no water left (“low-density firetrucks / LDFs”) cause fires and “HDFs” (with lots of water) put them out.

    How can anyone who knows what a lipoprotein actually is (whether an LDL or an HDL) seriously suggest that one of those two types “causes health issues?” That just does not happen. Anyone who says that a high concentration of any kind of lipoprotein is a cause of health issues is displaying their lack of comprehension and competence. It is a hysterical hysteria, like saying fire trucks cause fires.

    FYI, there is no structural difference between LDLs and HDLs. All lipoproteins are containers that begin with a high density of nutrients (the state of being an HDL) and then as they go through the bloodstream and distribute those nutrients, they lower the density of nutrients within the lipoprotein and then can be classified as “LDLs.”

    When people ask “which form of cholesterol causes health damage: LDLs or HDLs,” that is a nonsense question. It is exactly like saying “which firetrucks start fires: those full of water or those that have already sprayed out most of their water reserves?”

    “Which form of cholesterol causes illness” is just not an intelligent (logical) question. It is a question concocted by lobbyists to sell damaging medications which interfere with the liver’s essential function of producing cholesterol (as in assembling fire trucks).

    The medications were developed. Their effects were measured. Then, someone had to figure out a way to market the medications and vilifying cholesterol was the ridiculous but successful marketing idea that, like a long list of outright deceptions, became popular.

    Teachers were given curriculum to train students to worship the devil of cholesterol. “These livers are creating compounds that are almost as dangerous as fresh breast milk!”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn People “get married” to the idea of “something is wrong” and then look for which “someone” is to blame. They may look for US president to blame for the 1989 collapse of the Japanese inflationary boom or the 1999 collapse of the European boom. Herds of emotionally-reactive imbeciles on the floor of the NYSE [a reference to a recent comment made elsewhere by Dan B.] do not comprehend the simplicity of reality because they are “married to” a particular set of presumptions that prevent an intelligent exploration of the issues.

    Why did people like Warren Buffet lose immense amounts of money in recent years? Because they did not forecast the easily predictable shifts and make immense benefits from them. And to this day, they may still be talking about who to blame – “which someone was the someone was who wrong?”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What was “wrong” prior to the decline in housing prices and stock prices in the US, EU, and Japan was that those price were way too high. What was wrong prior to the spiking of global fuel prices beginning in 1999 was that those prices were way too low.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In my 2003 and 2004 publications forecasting those price changes, (and a continuing spike in fuel prices) what kind of conceptual foundation is totally absent? I did not begin with a religious fanaticism about any particular price level being “horrifyingly wrong.”

    Prices can simply temporarily be “at an extreme.” Trends form, then accelerate, then mature (approach reversal), then reverse.

    Who do I “blame” for the huge increase in US stock prices from 1982 to 2000/ 2007 / 2014? Investors who purchased stocks and drove up prices.

    Who do I “blame” for the decline in prices? Everyone who sold those investments, which predictably produces declines in price- sometimes sudden.

    For instance, the “evil” baby boomers in the EU, US, and Japan did some very “evil” things around 2007. They started reaching retirement age and selling their stocks and went to cash or bonds. What a shock, right?!?!

    Why did they sell their summer homes and move in to a smaller place, causing real estate prices to collapse? Because when someone reaches the age of 62 (some would say 58 1/2), then they start investing in “evil and unjust” ways (like selling stocks and buying bonds).


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