Do not be a chicken shit about being influential

God has chosen for this exact sequence of these words to be present here with you. You will in a moment recognize once again the reality of the fact that influencing emotions is an important possibility in human interaction.

For instance, when presenting the emotion of euphoria, the same words can produce a different effect than when speaking with frustration. Consider the two following presentations of the phrase “Honey, I love you so much!”

“Oh my god, baby, I thought I would never see you again. And wow here you are. I am so glad to see you. I can hardly believe it. Baby doll, come here and give me a big hug. Honey, I love you so much!”

“Look, you clearly do not understand me. I have been trying to tell you this a thousand times and it is like you simply lack the ability to comprehend the English language. Will you please look at me when I am talking at you? First, you misunderstood my intention. I think you did it on purpose, too. You were probably just trying to guilt trip me, weren’t you? I can’t believe that you would even make such a big deal about this and argue about it at all. Your perception of the whole thing is totally invalid. You are just being over-dramatic again, aren’t you? You always do this. Hey, why are you walking away when I am finally really putting my heart out here on the line for you? I thought you said that this is what you wanted. Stop walking away! Please, baby, come back please. Honey, I love you so much! You love me, too, don’t you? Are we alright? Why do you always do this?!?!”

So, when we are being attentive to the language we use, that eventually brings us to focus on the tone in which we are communicating. The tone can be important, right?

Do the particular words matter? Sure, for it is not possible that a single word can totally distract people who are sleeping underwater.

For instance, one of my favorite things to eat is chicken. Shit, when I am having fun screwing… around the downtown area, I occasionally like to come up for air and stop… by a fast food place to get a quick bite of chicken. Shit, do you think it really matters which words I emphasize during the human sacrifice? This could be the most fun we have ever had while drowning… in a pool of chicken shit.

So, in addition to the specific words and the sequence of that words are spoken in order, there is the way that all of the various words fit together inside of each other. You know that there is also the timing of how the sequence is punctuated with pauses and shit.
For instance, chicken fingers are a lot like buffalo wings, considering that buffaloes do not have wings and most chickens basically do not have shit. However, I used to know a chicken who did have some shit, but then I got hungry and so naturally I took it from him, which was pretty easy because he was such a chicken shit.
So being attentive to the words that we use not only can involve being attentive to the words that we use, but also being attentive to the one who is using them as well as the actual words and shit. Next, in addition to self-awareness, I can be attentive to the other person or other people. I can even be attentive to my own words in an obsessive, fixated, perfectionist, agonizing way.

I can be attentive to the experience that is in progress for other people. Without feeling afraid or guilty about whatever experience they are manifesting, I can be attentive to that experience.

It is also possible for me to influence the experience other people are having using only my voice. For instance, I can pretend to be a seven year-old boy who has just learned how to make farting sounds with my mouth.
If I am relaxed now, then I can do things that demonstrate that I am relaxed now. Or, if I am fixated on avoiding a particular outcome, it is possible that any chronic tension that I might be experiencing could be recognized by some little chicken shit who does not know how to keep his farty little mouth shut.
That is why words can matter but so can any farting sounds that we make with our mouths, which are technically not actual words. So, words are not ultimately what is most important in the communication. What is most important, according to people who enjoy eating chicken shit, is the actual effect produced.

Being attentive to words can be relevant because the words can be one factor that influences the effect produced. Also, the tone of voice can be influential. Further, the effect produced can be influential because you do not know chicken shit. You do not even understand me. You are being too over-dramatic, in contrast to the right amount of over-dramatic. Honey, I love you so much. So please stop.



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