The war on open-mindedness

In reference to open-mindedness, I cannot think of anything more threatening to the mainstream culture than open-mindedness. In schools, certain kinds of “open-mindedness” are promoted (though in a huge irony of a context of shaming and political correctness). However, in regard to many established scientific issues, schools systematically excluded curiosity and debate. This is perhaps most obvious as it relates to health (and things like the fraudulent practices recently publicized concerning the CDC and hiding vaccine risks).

So, what is the solution so that institutions do not ever promote close-mindedness and a war on science (like the CDC, FDA, DOJ, etc)? Open-mindedness does not need an institution to promote it. Institutions exist to promote low-quality information to the masses of human resources in order to benefit the beneficiaries of those institutions.

For instance, pharmaceutical companies are not health-promoting systems. They are profit-making systems.

Governments are not human welfare promotion systems. They are systems for managing human resources through coercion and propaganda.

Of course, government propaganda will promote other perceptions. Likewise, drug companies may use slogans like “the best choice for your health.” That kind of thing is just what works in using language to influence the attention and perception and behavior of the human resources.

So, my main concern with the “open-mindedness” of most new agers is that they are just herds repeating propaganda slogans. To be truly open-minded would mean refraining from taking a position on any issue AT ALL.

An open-minded person can say “I do not KNOW for sure, but here is my presumption that I am using for now based on a conscious FAITH rather than an unexamined presumption/ belief.” That one operating not from a “faith in God” but from the Faith OF God is not likely to have tantrums about alleged threats to their conscious presumptions.

The reality is that sometimes people promote a particular perception. That is the directing of other people’s perception. That is not promoting open-mindedness.

When I “train” someone in spiritual maturity, I do not impose open-mindedness on them. I simply demonstrate it.

People can experiencing a relaxing of their chronic tensions. Some could be disoriented by relaxing “too fast.” They might even experience some panicking. That is actually not a problem. It is normal for there to be an arising of suppressed emotions, such as shame, jealousy, resentment, and anxiety.

If someone is brave enough to intentionally explore those emotions as possible allies, that is notable (and perhaps rather rare). All that really happens is an exploration of how presumptions form and how they change.

Again, nothing could be more threatening to the mainstream herd mentality. They are lost in the worship of demons like cancer and autism and diabetes and political corruption.

Politics is corruption. So what?



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