Holism includes exclusion

One way to consider reality is from the perspective of monotheism, which is often mentioned but rarely “practiced.” If an Almighty God is the source of all manifestations and developments and perceptions, then which one “should not be?”

Ancient Hebrew teachers presented a model that we could call holism (or inclusiveness). There is a time for every thing under heaven: every season, a time for war and for peace, a time for love and for hate, a time to plant and to harvest.

Within the all-inclusive mansion, there are many rooms. Which room is not part of the mansion? Which branch is not from the tree? Which creation violates the laws of nature?
An interesting question could be “what really would be the *seed* of misery?” Consider this: “What happened but should NOT have happened (according to me) is ___.” That is relating to something as a tragedy- a source of misery!

So, if a monotheistic god is almighty, then that single source produces even misery. Who created polytheism? God. Who created the idea of a devil? There is only one source recognized in authentic monotheism.



So, the trick for new agers is that an all inclusive model… completely includes exclusion. When peace and war (or misery or activity) are like the front and back of a piece of paper, then exclusion is… Included.

Who divides people? God. How? Through churches or public schools or linguistic barriers or brick walls- whatever.

Most people arrogantly exclude some part of God’s creation. why? God caused that too.


People sometimes use unexamined language. An instance could be “getting closer to God.” Are you clear that saying that invokes an interpretation of isolation/ separation/ exclusion?

Every time that the branch makes a flower blossom, it gets closer to the trunk. Or, it is already as close to the trunk as a branch could be.

When language is deemed “holy,” then there is no real examining of it. It is worshiped (like linguistic concepts can be believed). That is just another idolatry.

Language is not holy. Only God is holy. Everything else is merely sacred- everything!

Who is present amidst turmoil and peace and so on? Not peace. That is just a quality of polarity. Who is present? I am.

“Prior to Abraham, I am. Prior to Noah and Moses and Isaiah, I am.” – Jesus

Of course, you may be aware that even as Jesus quoted ancient Hebrew texts (like “Ye shall be Gods”) to the Pharisees, some of them were apparently a bit challenged by how he was speaking. They did not recognize for themselves that, prior to Jesus, the eternal is never anything but eternal.

Prior to Adam, is life still eternal? When is life not eternal?


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