Do we have contempt for those with contempt for us?

  • We can notice that some churches promote conflict and others promote cooperation. Can we accept both as valid? Can people form cooperative teams then enter conflicts with other teams?

    What about promoting contempt? In the mass media and public schools, are any behaviors targeted with contempt? Terrorism? Pedophilia rings? Churches and governments that operate pedophilia rings and protect the participants?

    In the US, we have laws that punish people who trade weapons illegally, launder money, and engage in the trade of illegal drugs. However, in the famous case of Lt. Colonel Oliver North and Caspar Weinbeger (and 4 other defendants), there is also a rule for the protection even of convicted criminals.

    Because of the involvement of Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush in the smuggling and laundering operations, either of those two Presidents would have interrupted the legal proceedings against their allies / co-conspirators / business partners. Incidentally, it was Bush who actually did so, because he was the first one with an appropriate opportunity, but that is a trivial detail.…/general/onthisday/big/1224.html

    Clinton’s most “corrupt-looking” pardon (in my opinion) did not involve the drug smuggling part of the Iran-Contra affair, but the illegal oil deals made by Marc Rich:

  • “In 1983, billionaire financier Marc Rich was indicted for tax evasion and charged with 51 counts of tax fraud. The commodities trader was also in trouble for running illegal oil deals with Iran during the hostage crisis, therefore violating a US TRADE embargo with Iran. During his prosecution, Rich fled to Switzerland and was surprisingly pardoned by former President Bill Clinton, who claimed Rich’s charitable donations in the Middle East helped bring peace to the area.”,8599,99302,00.html



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