Obsessing over salvation and how priorities change

I was just chatting with Reverend Lieberwirth about the possibility of mindful relaxation and he raised a very interesting point. Here is my reply:

As for the idea of **attachment** to being mindfully relaxed, I like it. Of all possible obsessions, it could be the only one that actually offers a reasonable possibility of “salvation.”

I like the idea [mentioned by Reverend Lieberwirth] of emphasizing that priorities CHANGE. I emphasize that by making reference to priorities as distinct from preferences (as distinct from trivia). We always can identify more than one priority if relevant.

Further, the idea of an inevitable shift to a new priority is the basic idea of economics: for someone starving, food is a high priority. So, they get some food. If they can get more food, they may do that. However, after some point, they stop getting food and either get something else or just conserve their excess wealth for another time. I do not get more frozen food for my freezer than can fit in it, or else I have to either start defrosting or else get another freezer, etc….

In “Austrian Economics,” the technical jargon for that is “ordinal utility,” which means that the usefulness of any particular investment (of attention or time or resources) has a certain place amongst an order or sequence of other options. I may comb my hair for 30 seconds, but not 100. Then I brush my teeth for 30 seconds but not 100. Then I shave for 3 minutes, but not 20.

What do I do first? In a relaxed mode, the sequence of activities may be organized by “convenience.” In an emergency, I may feel that I “have to” finish washing all the dishes before I empty the trash. Why? Because my brain is overwhelmed. I want to complete one task before I add another ball to my juggling.

In honor of the importance of the idea of priorities inevitably changing, I purchased the domain name “The New Priority,” though I have not put any unqiue content on it yet. http://thenewpriority.com/


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