Free… to be trapped?

Free… to be trapped?

Free from the fear of fear… and to fear fear
Free to fear without shame… or to fear with shame
Free to deny my freedom
Free to pretend to be trapped… by words
I only regret what I should have done, but did not… according to me
I only feel guilt for what should not have happened… according to me

I can condemn the past… or not

I can say I wish now it had been something different… or not

I was only disappointed that my hidden fears were revealed
I was only frustrated that my strategies to hide those fears failed

Fortunately, unlike other lesser humans, I was never naive.

My expectations have never been violated by my experience.
My presumptions have never been updated or discarded.
Am I embarrassed to have ever learned anything ever? Not at all.
Because I have never experienced confusion, seven is not eleven minus four hundred.
I am better than those folks who try to prevent the experiences of fear and courage.
I am way better than that one guy who obsessively protected the world from paranoia.

Because of my unmatched excellence, everyone should be above average since we are in this together.

Don’t you just hate the kind of people who always complain about exagerrations?

  • Daniel Fritschler: You sure are arrogant! 😉 You should be more like me. Somebody who not only feels fear but isn’t ashamed to share it in a public forum. Until then everything you experience will start to knock you off of your high horse.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn: Humiliation is the natural result of arrogance (an obsessive fear of displaying fear).

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