What causes cancer: diet? sunshine? naivete? ;)

  • Many people throw around the word “cause” when all that they know about is a correlation. A “cause” would ideally mean 100% precision.

    So, can a specific “bad” diet cause the effect labeled cancer 100% of the time? Can a specific diet can produce an effect 100% of the time (and not just in a sample of 50 city dwellers, but in a scientifically-relevant sample that includes many healthy humans of many ages- and, on the subject of skin cancer- many races)? Even if so, then there is the question of exactly how- what is the mechanism of producing the effect of cancer?

    To me, cancer is just a simple label for a very simple phenomenon that is very simple to cause 100% of the time (and food is NOT the *primary* factor, but certainly is a factor). Further, when making a bold and plain statement like this, it is interesting how many people who may say that they are interested in understanding health will immediately flee (in terror?).

    So, one of the first issues I raise is whether someone is willing to question the idea that cancer is a living organism that attacks another living organism, invades it, possesses it, and grows or spreads. In other words, are you willing to at least question the religion of demon worship that has been promoted through mainstream propaganda sources?

  • If the effect labeled cancer is as simple to produce as I suggest, then 100% precision in producing it is not only the measure that we should have in mind. If the effect is really so simple, then not only should we expect 100% precision in “causing” it, but we should also expect 100% success in regard to discontinuing the production of that effect.

    It is always interesting to see folks flee away from science toward their religion of worshiping “incurable” demonic possessions. They will invest thousands of dollars and months of their lives worshiping their sacred demon. Then, they may want others to invest hours of time with no compensation to “convince” them that the effect of cancer is just a simple physiological effect which can easily be produced or discontinued. Their hysteria is… totally hysterical.


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