The root of suffering: “Life should not be like this”

  • BM shared a video about “the conflict in the middle east” and added this heading: “A transformational look into the source of this and possibly all conflicts.”

    Is there such a thing as competition for resources among humans? Yes, right?

    So, an ancient Prophet known to us as Noah announced that the tribes that he ruled (as warlord/pope/emperor) would be ruling over all of humanity. You can research “the Noahide commandments” and the 1991 commemoration by President Bush if you want more context.

    So, a later ruler/prophet/warlord/anointed one/messiah named Moses was famous for leading several slaughters. The massacre of the civilians of the Midianites and Moabites come to mind. See “Numbers 31” in the Old Testament.

    As for the idea to “subdue” all of humanity under a single operation of organized coercion (a global empire), that is still the basic doctrine of Noah. By effectively managing all of the human resources, a global police state would allow for a very efficient organizing of human activity. The actual frequency of incidents of ritual human sacrifice could be very low if the terror was very intense. Public education and Mass media are primary channels for spreading paranoia, hysteria, and terror.

    What was Noah’s justification for imposing order on the ignorant masses? To prevent annihilation by a divine apocalypse.

    Modern versions include nuclear war and global warming. Any of the apocalyptic terrors promoted by schools and media tend to increase receptivity to “incremental” totalitarianism, right?

     It is a classic method that an organization purporting to “end all wars” will plan to do so with an army and endless warfare on the eternal rebellions of the “slaves /threats/criminals.” Propaganda is key!
  • In short, Noah’s doctrine of “political salvation by the Holy Empire” was based on the doctrine that “we must save humanity from humanity.” The UN and similar organizations are the direct fulfillment of Noah’s prophecy.

  • Of course, the Balfour Declarat
    ion details the international plan to “liberate” Palestine from the Palestinians. Are the fuel resources of the area (offshore and in adjacent regions) a factor in geopolitical developments there? That is not reported in the mainstream news, but then again what is the purpose of the publicity department of the Holy Empire?
    Anyway, if an anlysis of “the source of all conflicts” excludes all conflict outside of the human species, then is the analysis complete? Is it “fixing something wrong?”

    The idea of relating to the world as “how it should not be” is very popular. We could call that hysteria. We could declare that “we must save the world from being how the world actually is.”

    There is “no integrity” in that (no relating to actual measures of objective reality) and there is no responsibility in that (in that way of speaking). However, when we relate to the world as “not how it should be,” then there is the possibility of “making a difference.” The one who relates to themself from “I fundamentally do not belong in THIS world” can invent the possibility of a future world in which not only do they belong, but in which they are the savior (one of the saviors of all of humanity).

    That possibility can be very “inspiring” to them and others like them. They can go from a “meaningless life that is not even worth living” to a life with a very serious and “significant” meaning. We can label that with extraordinary labels like “empowerment.”

    All of that is okay with me. The condemnation or contempt of “people should not do that” is optional. “People should not do that” is the way of relating to life that I call “suffering.” 

    People might relate to their lives as “how life should not be.” People might even train other people to relate to their lives as “how life should not be.”


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