Health, digestion, and nutrition

Consuming something is distinct from digesting it. If something is not digested, it has no nutritional value even if it has lots of nutrients in it.

So, how many digestive systems on this planet are designed for digesting cooked foods? Zero is the correct answer.

High quality food sources are also an obvious factor in nutrition. Wild sea creatures tend to have more nutrients than any land creature. Wild tend to be far more healthy than captive. Grass-fed organic beef tends to be several times as healthy as grain-fed conventonal beef.

As an aside, all ranchers know that eating grains causes massive weight gain in cattle. That is how they fatten the cattle. Eating low quality carbs blocks the metabolism of fat (leading to rapid accumulations of stored fat). This is very old science. The obesity-promotion programs of the FDA were never scientifically credible (in regard to the propaganda used to popularize those programs of behavior).

So, in addition to high quality sources of nutrition, there are also issues like how it is chewed, the presence of stomach acid, and of course how it is prepared (like marinated with no heat, only lightly cooked, or sterilized and thoroughly charred to not only reduce nutritional value but create new compounds that may be detrimental to the digestive tract of any creature… human or otherwise, etc).

Meat does not need to be cooked or even chewed (though chewing makes for smaller bits and thus increases the total surface area, improvign digestive efficiency). However, meat *must* be thoroughly exposed to acid in order to break the proteins in to amino acids. My understanding is that foreign proteins that get past the stomach SHOULD be attacked by any healthy immune system. We can call that “an allergy,” but that is just a failure of the stomach to fully digest the protein. (So, diluting the stomach acid with any beverages during a meal also affects digestion.)

Many modern people have horrific overall health, such as Lance Armstrong and many other successful endurance athletes who suffered from cancer and cardiovascular crisis by their late 30s or early 40s (and often die before the age of 50). Mr. Armstrong was apparently very motivated to reform many of his habits (after the initial collapse in his health) and I understand that he dramatically changed his behaviors and thus created very different results.

So, not only do people cling mentally to the unscientific presumptions publicized as “medicine,” but they lack sufficient production of stomach acid. They may also lack attention to science and health, instead deferring to operations like the FDA and USDA to guide their behaviors and results. Or they go to specialists in the suppresion of the immune system (MDs) and interact with those specialists as if they are experts in promoting health. (I am sure that there are many MDs who have studied the promotion of health, including Terry Wahls and Jack Kruse- but I think they are quite rare.)

Back to the specific subject of worms, if there were farms of grub worms in which the worms were given anti-biotics and hormones, I would expect the nutritional value to be that much lower than “organically-farmed” grub worms. Of course, the worms are small, so they would never be given injections like cows and pigs and so on.

People who are squeamish about nutrition and health can proceed delicately. They may need to slowly nourish the bacterial garden in their intestines so that eventually they will have “more guts” and “more intestinal fortitude.”


(The above commentary was in response to a facebook post regarding the fact that McDonald’s has protected the use of the words “100% beef” in regard to their meat even though they [allegedly] use “filler” from meal worms.)


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