Which rose is in the water engineered for hydration?

Here are “before and after” pictures of some roses. We put one of the roses in some “special water” to demonstrate the effects of water engineered not just to irrigate an organism, but to hydrate the interior of cells. (That’s kind of like the difference between laying in a pile of food and actually digesting it.)

1 rose stays hydrated with special water

Close-up after photos: (Click them to see them very large.)


roses-after2 roses-after

I’ve mentioned occasionally my sense that many people overlook the huge importance of very simple issues in regard to promoting health. Recently, I used some roses to demonstrate the vast difference in effects between mere irrigation with an abundance of water and… actual hydration of the interior of cells.

Nutrition is certainly important, like death can result from a few months of starvation. Hydration however is far more essential to biological functioning than nutrition (though not as important as breathing or avoiding electrical extremes).

Other than in hibernating creatures, a total absence for several weeks of any access to new moisture (like through eating moist food or drinking some water) would typically result in death. FYI, hibernating creatures are not urinating or sweating, so their demand for new hydration is minimal.

In contrast, for people who live in a desert, the need for hydration is extreme. The vast difference between intercellular irrigation and intracellular hydration can be a huge issue. When I suddenly lost the ability to walk in early 2007, (shortly after moving to the low deserts of Arizona for the first time), I had no idea that dehydration (among other things) could be so important to basic functioning.

The difference between irrigation and hydration is also a parallel issue to the difference between what someone consumes and what they digest. Nutrition requires digestion, not just consumption, right?

An immense amount of confusion and complexity can be avoided by focusing on a simple, clear hierarchy of scientific priorities. However, due to our exposure to mainstream schooling, mainstream media, and mainstream medicine, many of us have very little comprehension of basic scientific principles that are actually very easy to observe. In fact, many mainstream “fanatics” will erupt in to strong emotions as they argue to defend their sacred presumptions that they have been programmed to call “scientific.”

What could possibly ease their distress? Some better hydration might help! 😉



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