Salvation, the Supreme Faith and the lesser faiths of fundamentalists

Lesser faiths:
Faith in an idea.
Faith in a someone.
Faith in a method or ritual.

All of those are really about confidence in an external thing. Because life can seem unpredictable and scary, people may be attracted to identify something to return them toward calm. To avoid or interrupt panic, people may value an external link to confidence when they occasionally feel anxious.

So, those are two major differences between all of those lesser faiths and The Supreme Faith. It is not about any specific external thing and it is also not about confidence.

So what is it? Let’s simplify. People sometimes use the word faith to refer to a method for obtaining some favorable result, such as spiritual salvation. We are not talking about that either.


The Supreme Faith is not a solution for anxiety. We do not use it to get away from anxiety and arrive to some other destination, such as salvation.


The Supreme Faith is a result of salvation, not the path to it. We could say that salvation is the solution for anxiety and so, after the solution for anxiety, then anxiety has already been resolved.

If anxiety has already been resolved and a new kind of faith is also present, then people may presume that the new faith ended the anxiety. What if the anxiety ended and then the new faith manifested?

“Why do so many people say that they are saved spiritually, but yet then they are are so easily upset by mere ideas? Why do they feel threatened and terrified by ideas?”

Basically, they are easily threatened, terrified, and upset. Plus, they happen to say that they are spiritually saved.
Perhaps that reminds you of the story of Jesus talking about the Pharisees. Do they demonstrate The Supreme Faith, yes or no?
When people think of faith as only being a method to achieve salvation, that sets up perfectionism and anxiety and distress and frustration. That is like thinking of the fruit of a tree as equivalent to regularly watering the tree. To grow the tree, nothing can replace watering the tree.
So, how is faith related to producing the result of salvation? To reach the physical state of salvation, it can be helpful to relax and remain calm. So, we can say “faith” contributes to
salvation.However, we have not defined salvation yet, have we? Salvation may be related to the mindful use of language.

To be easily disturbed by words is not salvation. To recognize that language is just a social behavior for influence is important. Language focuses attention, biases perception, organizes interpretations, and thus guides the behavioral responses to the interpretations.

In other words, to govern the actions of someone, governing their language is very useful. Actions produce results. Influencing the language that people use to interpret reality will influence their behavioral responses to their linguistic interpretations. By governing their interpretations and responses, that also governs their results.

So, what is The Supreme Faith? It is an openness to humbly admit ignorance, to recognize a presumption as only a presumption, and then to take action based on a recognized presumption.

Unlike fundamentalism and fanaticism, this is a personal faith or presumptiveness. The validation of others is not the issue. The awareness of others in regard to the presumptions is also not an issue.

Anxious antagonism about ideas is not The Supreme Faith. Ideas may be presented as justifications and rationalizations, but that may even be as a method of distraction.

So, we program children to conform through deceptive stories about Santa. We also tell them reassuring things about heaven in order to offer an interruption to their grief. Are those stories literally true? How important is truth when it is inconvenient to have a grieving child?


When interacting with a child whining about toys, we can use Santa as an excuse to say “you might get that toy, but not yet because Santa has to stick to his schedule.” So, when we talk to someone who is near death, we may say things to calm them down for our convenience. Or, after a death, we may tell a child to stop thinking of the corpse and instead to imagine a joyful renuion in the future (in heaven).


In other words, it is like saying “remember how much love you have experienced” with the additional presumption that in the future, the same kind of experience is possible (or even inevitable). Is this deceptive? It is creative. It is inventive. Yes, it could even be deceptive. So is the story of Santa.


Religious traditions include stories that may be valued more for the effect produced in the audience than for the literal accuracy of the story. Jokes can be silly. Fictional comedies can be silly. Why not religious poetry also?

The issue with religious scriptures being poetic… simply is no issue at all to one with The Supreme Faith. Scriptures to them are valuable tools, not escapes from desperation and panic.

To others, the idea may be popular that there is one set of scriptures which is the only valid one. That one is presumed uniquely valid not because it’s poetry is the most humorous (since all scriptures may also claim humor), but for some other justification.

“An Almighty God created this scripture, but not those scriptures, which were created by a devil that wasnot created by the Almighty and has more power than the Almighty.” What does the word “almighty” mean again?

We know that many scriptures are written records of conversations. Story-tellers formed oral traditions (with certain stories attaining widespread popularity) and then some people

transcribed some of those stories.


“Why are the Hebrew scriptures the most poetic? Because after being passed down orally, they were eventually written down.”

That is kind of like saying that of all the scriptures that have ever been written down, exactly one is the one that has been the most written down. I do not mean written down very often, but just that the writing used was more valid as real writing than other forms of writing.

A relaxed sense of humor is not likely to be displayed by those operating in one of the lesser faiths. Of course, one who is familiar with The Supreme Faith might easily be able to model the behaviors of any lesser faith, even so well as to fit in without attracting unusual suspicion of being more relaxed or more mature than anyone else.

In conclusion, salvation cannot be related to the close examination language because salvation is not even a word. Logic does not permit it.

Further, to be mindful of the social behavior of language is very dangerous and can result in eternal damnation and a revocation of the privilege of being reunited at death with those who have been patiently waiting for you in heaven and are probably going to definitely be totally devastated if you do not conform to the right behaviors and worship Santa the right way right now. Also, here is the donation basket and your salvation depends on your conformity.
In case this was not already clear, anyone who does not pay the proper tax in to the donation basket will be arrested, their property will be confiscated as a donation to the holy church of the imperialist state (which is the state that is separate from the church), and then forhersey and treason and felony non-conformity, we will put the offender in to a facility for “correctioning their mental health and political incorrectness.” That is just a warehousing facility as we wait for the proper time to execute the offender in a cold-blooded ritual of human sacrifice, but we do not do that to terrorize the rest of the public in to blind conformity, which would be immoral and wrong and evil and unjust. We are just doing it because it is our religion and that means that we do not need to explain it and if you question it again, we’ll launch a crusade to liberate you from sin by slowly killing you from within.Now, everyone please sit down as the instructor is about to provide you a rapid-fire download of the sacred curriculum on what things are important to memorize and repeat back to us in order that we can give you an authentic hand-signed certificate for “thinking for yourself” the right way. Be like the billions of others who have their own similar certificate.

Please do not roll up your graduation certificate and pretend that it is a telescope. That is offensive.

Those who perform most admirably will be rewarded with gold stars, social validation, diplomas, degrees, and licenses. The licensed priesthood of oath-sworn Doctors of indoctrination hereby conclude this ritual of involuntary salvation by humor.


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