Do you also question whether certain parts of the popular story about Santa may be imprecise? In fact, you may already have noticed that many ideas that were popular in the past have eventually been revised or replaced.

By my last count, at least SIX different ideas that were once popular were later accepted to always have been imprecise or even totally inaccurate. Consider the implications of the possibility that popularity does not establish accuracy!
This is a very humbling idea. What if 2 or even 3 other ideas that we now consider to be uncontroversial are later questioned by other people?

What if they implicitly accuse you personally of not already knowing it all? How will we respond to the heresy, arrogant curiosity, total disrespect, confusing immorality, and sheer evil of those who dare to quietly explore skepticism in regard to the presumptions that we hold sacred and above question?


Obviously, we need to immediately correct the very important errors about Santa that are currently being promoted. Innocent children are being fed imprecise information about Santa Claus by adults who are just mindlessly repeating what they were also told.

These adults cannot be blamed of course because they probably do not even know of their own errors. They may be totally sincere in regard to what they say about Santa, but what if sincerity does not establish accuracy?



Recently, no less than 3 of the details of the popular story about Santa have been called in to question by over five hundred Protestant archaeology professors. Some of these so-called professors have even questioned whether Saint Nicholas even lived at all!

Believe it or not, I personally met him. It was a long time ago, but I remember it very clearly and I even have a picture of me sitting on his lap.

He is absolutely real. Furthermore, the exact gift that I requested that he give to me was delivered to my family home on Christmas Eve only a few weeks after our picture was taken. I’d like to know how those naive Protestants can explain THAT!

Did we have a chimney? No. Did we have a Christmas tree? No, not even a plastic one. However, we did have some presents wrapped up in colorful paper and one of those presents had a little tag on which the words “From: Santa” were clearly written (in strangely familiar handwriting).

I understand that some people may be upset by what I have said already. If so, I apologize for your lack of maturity.

Now, you may be wondering “how did the presents get in to your house if you did not have a chimney in your house?” Frankly, I don’t know how to explain that yet. A congressional committee is researching the subject at this very hour.

What I do know is that the cookies that I personally set out for Santa were eaten the very next morning. As noted before, I have actual photographs of him. Santa is real! The Santa deniers & conspiracy theorists just don’t understand me.

However, if you are also skeptical about certain specific details that have been spoken in regard to Santa, this is the right website for you. Fortunately for you, our certified trainers, working under the guidance of our expert staff of researchers, will tell you the only right way for you to tell the story of Santa, correcting any errors on your part. If interested, you can even train to become a certified expert in Santa lore.

In addition to conservatively considering the very important details of the Santa story, we also relentlessly campaign to prevent further “historical fiction” that denigrates the real truth about a very special man. If we occasionally make reference to other instances of popular ideas being slightly imprecise, I do hope that you will not find that too distracting from our primary quest, which is to protect the sanctity of the real story about Santa.

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