Don’t we need an “honest money system?”

As for “honest” money systems, there is nothing dishonest about any money system. First you create a well-armed and well-disciplined military (or “police force”) that has the capacity to use coercion to intimidate or kill the domestic population (to govern the human resources), then you make a court system (or other rituals for promoting a sense of domestic legitimacy, such as voting), and then the governing system invents taxes, fines, and crimes plus dictates what is the sacred object of their system, such as gold coins or wooden nickels or plastic casino tokens or diamond rings.

When the system dictates what object is sacred, then, if the public sincerely fears the threats of the military, that creates public demand for the sacred object. If a military organization realized that certain metals were rare, then the military could monopolize access to that metal, like by posting military troops at every mine. Once the military realized that they had exclusive access to a particular substance, then they could invest small amounts of resources in to mining the metal then minting up some coins and then finally “selling” those sacred coins to the terrorized public (who were collecting the sacred coins in order to pay taxes and avoid being punished for non-conformity).

In other words, the masses were coerced in to exchanging perfectly good wheat, arrows, sheep, wood, and chickens for little trinkets that had no practical value at all. The sacred coins cost the government virtually nothing to mine and mint, then through intimidation, the government would get the public to value those sacred objects.

Is there industrial demand for silver? Sure. How about gold? Yes again. How about diamonds? Of course.

However, there is a difference between the tiny cost of delivering a diamond to the public and the enormous cost that the public may be willing tp pay in exchange, like because of decades of public relations campaigns that took diamonds from being an uncommon gem for use in a wedding ring to being THE dominant stone used. It is ONLY that enormous difference between the production cost of the diamond and the retail price that keeps the diamond industry interested in selling them. They are only interested in making a profit.

If diamonds were not “made sacred” by the marketing campaigns of Edwards Bernays and DeBeers, then they would not be sacred. To many people on this planet, diamonds are not sacred. If the people do not have an industrial use for a diamond, then they have no interest in them.

As a former “right-wing bible-thumping patriot,” I am very familiar with the idea that “what we need is an honest currency.” That presumes that the coercion behind every currency in the world is not already honest. That presumes that some other kind of currency could be more honest.

Without government militaries using coericon to “inflate” the public demand for sacred objects, then the core demand for that object drops all the way to “industrial applications.”

There is no need for any currency if people have an idealistic vision of “a libertarian free market barter system.” Currency systems are systems for the disproportionate redistribution of wealth. They are the foundation of all modern governments.

Even the Vatican has immense stockpiles of gold. Why? Because they were the ruling “hub” operating above the various local monarchs of Europe (who have paid tributes and tithes to the Vatican for many centuries).

The one government that is an exception is the Soveriegn Military Order of the Malta (Knights of Malta). They have no territory. They are simply a diplomatic invention. They are legally recognized as a nation by other nations.

Could it be that they are the pinnacle of the pyramid (in terms of formal, publicly-displayed governments)? The Swiss government (and the related entity of the Knights Templar) certainly have a prominent role in international banking. However, no one has the diplomatic status of the SMOM except the SMOM.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if recognized members of the SMOM were the formal top officers of every spy agency on the planet (CIA, MI-6, KGB, Mossad, Gestapo, etc)? What if prime ministers and UN leadership were also disproportionately SMOM members? What if SMOM leaders were so often reaching the position of Chief Justice or CEO or Head Editor of the New York Times, Time Magazine, or the BBC?

They program you with delusions of a utopian future “if only we reformed our system so that we had an honest currency.” Guess what? They have programmed you to believe that “your currency is dishonest and dishonesty is a cause for eternal tortures in hell.” You have been played. Your contempt for them is their greatest security.

Or, maybe your contempt for them is the best thing that has ever happened to your life. I rather doubt it.


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