vaccines, cigarettes, and Erin Brokovich

Dangers of vaccination documented in US court cases (in which the court ruled against the source of the vaccinations):

Pages 11 – 17 list the medical outcome (such as death) as well as the relevant vaccination(s).

  • Dustin Johnson i did not know this was a thing

    Leaky gut syndrome is a proposed condition some health practitioners claim is thSee More
  • Dustin Johnson I don’t get it… If these are valid conditions cause by vaccinations, then why are there only 78 settled cases in a 3 month period … This report is interesting, but seems less useful out of context. Did you have a debatable point here? Is it that vaccinations cause these diseases/conditions, provable by the 78 total compensated / settled cases in the 3 month period?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, some time ago, someone who was apparently unaware of these court cases made a statement ridiculing the idea that a court would rule in favor of someone claiming that vaccines caused damage. Of course, the functionality of vaccines is that they cause damage, but the official idea is that the damage is minor and the body can quickly learn to heal “that kind of damage,” and then be “immune” for 6 years or whatever the timeframe is for that vaccine.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for “why only 78,” that is an interesting question. Obviously there are many people who may have been harmed but do not relate the harm to vaccines (or who lack the resources to hire an attorney to take on a case).
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  • Dustin Johnson Ok. Let’s create a multiplier for estimation’s sake… Say 5 times as many people actually experience post-vaccination conditions (that would be compensated upon if seen in court) than have the ability or will to push it up the legal ladder… That’s about 400 people every 3 months having problems with ANY vaccine. How many vaccines are given out per day? How many lives are the vaccines estimated to save due to prevention? This is where the “worth it” factor comes in for me…. This is where I’m trying to ascertain whether or not vaccines are “safe” for public use or require some type of warning / disclosure / liability release before people have access. Everything I’ve seen pushes vaccination status up from “probably dangerous in some circumstances, because how could they not be” —- to —— “make sure people know there are risks”
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I think 5 is ridiculously low, but that’s fine for working thorugh the logic. The other side of any risk/benefit analysis is an honest assessment of benefit. That is an issue, too.

    What we KNOW is that there is a HUGE bias on the part of certain manufacturers (etc) in favor of vaccines. If you happen to know the movie Erin Brokovich about the process of filing a lawsuit regarding an industrial source of “a cancer epidemic” in a local area, then you understand that not only are doctors biased in how they label symptoms, but people do not always go to doctors anyway, plus then there can be massive reactions against even taking a suit to court. The defendant may do a wide variety of things to avoid lawsuits, with the most obvious intervention being to attempt to settle with people out of court (or to send thugs to attack the adversary).

    So, since I understand governments and court systems plus the history of the vaccine business, I am extremely skeptical of any pro-vaccine literature. In how many court cases (lot by industrial interests) did they present resarch supporting their side? (And wasn’t that research funded by their industry’s PR bureau?)

    Back to the issue of “the multiplier,” let’s consider the case of cigarettes. I pick a 3 month period when there still a widespread public dismissal of the idea that cigarettes might cause health problems. You say that there are 15 cases settled against the tobacco companies in a 3-month period, then say that you project that a total of 75 people were harmed by cigarette use. That is precisely the logic that you have presented.

    The admirable thing is that you actually are considering the issue without flipping out in to a panic. One criticism could be that your proposed multiplier is a joke.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As an additional point, I am aware of variations between countries. In parts of central America where hundreds of children have fully recovered from Regressive Autism through a particular protocol, it is considered an established fact that vaccinations are an essential catalyst in creating the effect called Regressive Autism.

    The mechanics the pathological effect (regressive autism) are not considered to be in any controversy. Not everyone who receives various vaccines will develop autism, but there is research now explaining how easy it is to understand why some people do and some do not, plus to explain the proprtionate differences in intensity.

    Basically, modern medicine can be approached as a religion, as it is in the US, or like an engineer would approach it (using these new cool things called logic and science). In the US, you have hysteria and emotional bias and people saying “but I *LIKE* to smoke cigarettes, so how DARE you suggest that there could be negative consequences even for SOME people?!?!? I *LIKE them!!!!”


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