On hypothyroidism “causing” anemia (part 2)


  • Zachariah Salazar Hypothyroidism is a state, the gland may be fine and or environmental inputs like food, pollution will reduce its current functioning state. Hypothyroidism can cause anemia!
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn wrote:  Zachariah, you are asking for a further increase in precision. Wonderful!

    A functioning thyroid gland will properly regulate iron levels in the blood (as long as the right circumstances are present, such as the presence of relevant nutrients and enzymes etc). Of course, filtering organs like the kidney may also be relevant.

    Hypothyroidism is a label for a certain level of production (by the thyroid gland) of certain compounds. If anyone can ever “have hypothyroidism” without anemia, then obviously hypothyroidism does not CAUSE anemia. Correlation is not causality. Labels do not produce results. Functioning glands do produce results.

  •  We could also say “certain hormones as well as certain glands regulate iron levels in the blood.” That is not controversial. That is not unscientific. That is not mainstream demon worship.

    Anemia is not a demon that causes anything. Hypothyroidism is not a demon that causes anything. Glands produce hormones and other results. Promote the functioning of the glands and health results.
     The specific labels of pathological symptoms are trivial (incidential, secondary). They are used by insurance companies and for other purposes, but they are not required for promoting health. 

  • Also, an absence of the relevant forms of iron from an organism still does not cause anemia. Anemia is just a label for the relative absence of something. The relative absence of the thing does not cause the relative absence of the thing. That is like saying “winter causes the period of time between fall and spring.”
     To be precise, we can say that ” in tests throughout the last 24 hours, the current measures indicate an iron level in the blood of between ____ and ____.” We can also say that “to promote optimal regulation of iron levels in the blood, we recommend _____ and we discourage ____.”



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