Can Obamacare lower Al’s High Murrs?

  • There is a such a thing as propaganda and it influences perspectives and interpretations. People experience their interpretations, not just their sensations.
    For instance, if I say that the T-4 proposal is very similar to the Obamacare proposal, you probably have no strong reaction. Maybe you are bored. Maybe you are curious what T-4 means.

  • However, if I say that Obamacare is very similar to the Nazi T-4 Program advanced by Hitler, then SOME people have a strong emotional reaction to that. Billions of humans do not know the word Nazi or Hitler (and are not fluent in English). Others do.

    Most of the ones that do have been presented those words in ways that program them to experience certain emotions (such as terror or rage). In hundreds of movies and millions of textbooks, people are programmed emotionally.

    How many people who are experiencing terror or rage are still curious about the details of the T-4 program? Perhaps they began with strong emotions in regard to the Obamacare program (whether in favor of it or against or an arrogant sense of superiority because they live in France where “everything is better”).

    The more terrified that people are about health, the more likely they are to be interested (in whichever direction) in regard to Obamacare. The masses are programmed with a variety of hysterias about health (about demonic possession by AIDS, cancer, Al’s High Murrs, and so on).

    There are no 2 year-olds who are terrified about Obamacare or who are terrified of Al’s High Murrs. They might be curious and they might not.

    What if the ignorant masses start arguing about “how high exactly is Al’s Murr?” That is how most people sound to me who talk about heath or politics or economics.

    They have been repeatedly programmed to have an assortment of illogical, emotional responses that significantly impair comprehension of issues that in many cases are extremely obvious. In fact, consider that the ONLY way to distract people from something that is extremely obvious is through frequent repetition of indoctrination slogans with intense emotional content.


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