Why is modern health care the way it is?

  • TPGS wrote: I’m interested in all sorts of alternative means in which to provide better health to people , as I don’t see Big Pharma and possibly 95% of M.D.’s as being the solution.

    What would M.D.’s do , if they were not allowed to dispense ” PILLS ” ? M.D.’s have their place, don’t get me wrong (you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water).

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn MDs swear oaths to enter in to a licensed priesthood of human resource management. They manage the human resources to get them back to serving “the system.”

    In a totally free market (with no licensing of physicians), the masses may be more interested in their personal welfare and therefore may invest in promoting health (and specialists who are competent in that realm). In socialist and other similar systems, the MD’s job is to either get the soldiers back on the battlefield (or the slaves back in the field, workers back in the weapons factory), or else to take the human resources out of the system (to discharge them from the military, store them in mental health warehouses, or simply execute the “human excess”).

     The long-term health of the individual “human resource” is either trivial to an MD or contrary to the interests of the MD (such as if the MDs are trained to weaken / thin out the elderly through medications to interrupt and suppress the immune-system and symptoms). It is most efficient if the MDs do not understand the system so as to avoid the arising of guilt, which would interfere with the performance of their function. The “low productivity” populations must be “gently” weakened for a socialist system to survive. Otherwise, the weight of the non-productive will be too much for the productive population to support.

  • Of course, if we think as socialism as a means to weaken a system from within, then “sabotaging” the long-term viability of a system is totally fine too. In the case of the creation of the USSR through New York banking interests like JP Morgan (and associates in Europe), a system was set up in which tens of millions of Russians were killed (to the best of my knowledge) by their own government.

    Now, as top-heavy demographics are burdening socialist systems like Japan and the US, we see remarkable extremes in terms of the ratio of working-age people to retirees. In Japan, I think that the ratio is currently around 3:1 and still falling.

    Certainly, there is plenty of wealth for the USSR to have supported all of their elderly well. However, I think it is fair to say that the system was never designed for that purpose. That was just some propaganda. The system was designed to slowly make war on the Russian population from within.

    By whom? Most modern governments, starting at least as early as Switzerland in 1291, are the creation of secret societies such as the Knights Templar, Free Masons, and so on.


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